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Last Post 06 Jul 2009 06:22 AM by  Rocwandrer
Test & Tune Event
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New Member

New Member

26 Jun 2009 08:47 AM

    You Heard Right:!: Cumberland Motor Club is hosting a

    SuperDuperAwesome Test & Tune Event

    I know it is going to be one of the best CMC social events ever. Get in on it now Exclamation Very Happy

    Event details: Test and Tune Autocross Course for Car Setup and Driving Practice. Goal of equal portions driving, working, and free/social/car adjustment time. Tons of no-pressure tuning time on a course setup specifically to make tuning easy! Tons of seat time! Peer setup advice, novice instruction, Did I Mention Tons of Seat Time?!?

    Bonus: Open skid pad time on a separate section of pavement!

    When: July 11th. Daily schedule just like an autocross. I'll be there to start setting up around 7:00AM, please come early to help!

    Where: Crooker Construction lot in Bath.

    Who: This is a member's only event, however we can sign you up as a member at the event. The membership price ($35, or $40 for a family membership) plus the event price is still an excellent value! Reciprocal membership agreements with SCCNH, MMSCC, KSCC, and SCCV will be honored at this event! It will be worth the drive, I promise!

    Entree fee: I expect this to get you dozens of runs and laps on the bonus element if you want them. Entry fee includes lunch (social lunch break, who doesn't love those?!?) All for... Are you ready for this....?!?....

    $25 This will likely be the best bang for buck for driving seat time in the country this year!!!!!

    Entry limit: Limit 40 entries, to ensure maximum seat time, and to ensure space for the bonus element and paddock space. Confirm your entry now Very Happy

    Sign up: Simply email ("my username here"_at_gmail_dot_com) or PM me with your 100% commitment that you are coming, and I will trust you to pay the next time I see you at the latest. First 40 entries get in. Please include the following details:

    your full name
    you usual car number
    your club affiliation
    your preferred work assignment
    the name and usual car number of anyone else planning to drive the same car as you at this event
    An email address where I can send further updates or request the details I forgot to ask for here (like your lunch choice, details forthcoming)

    New Member

    New Member

    06 Jul 2009 06:22 AM
    Trying to get 6 more entries in order to have enough so we can be able to do a 3 run group rotation with drive-work-off-lunch-drive... rotation, instead of 2 run groups with drive-work-lunch-drive... rotation. Even with 6 more entries, I project we will have time for each driver to get about 3 dozen runs on the course!
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