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Last Post 22 Aug 2011 07:22 PM by  Andy Hollis
EF Civic in FSP?
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Andy Hollis
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22 Aug 2011 07:22 PM
porphyre wrote:
Andy Hollis wrote:This whole situation reminds me of a similar one back when the 94-97 Miata was being considered for E-Stock, to run alongside the 2nd gen MR2. Lots of naysayers and doom/gloom. Lots of exagerated "data" that was flawed/biased towards the source's opinion. In the end, lots of prognosticators had to eat their words as the two cars mixed well, though with obvious course dependencies. Well-prepped and driven versions of either could win on any given day.


Umm, I think you need to take a look at the last few years' results and the 2011 Nationals entry list to get a handle on the accuracy of those prognostications. Chalk it up to development or course dependencies... your choice...

I have a very good "handle" on the situation, thank you very much. And that change was made more than just a couple of years ago, so you need to go back further to see the effects,

Notice that I said "well-prepped and well driven".

The current situation is heavily biased towards Miata due to a number of factors, most notably that Mazda pays contingency for both Pro and Tour, and also has a great parts support program. Toyota used to, but no longer does. Running a national effort takes money and given a choice, you choose what pays.

There hasn't been a well-prepped *and* well-driven MR2 since Carpenter. And he came and went on that one twice. Always a threat, as was the car's previous owner (Cashmore).

I used to run in that class and served on the SEB when the 1.8 Miata was added in, so I am well-informed. I stand by my comments.


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