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Last Post 12 Aug 2011 10:26 AM by  digitalseance
Jax Evil Twin - A Mirrored Courses Solo Event - 9/10
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11 Aug 2011 08:28 AM

    On Saturday September 10th, 2011 the Jacksonville division of the Buccaneer Region Sports Car Club of America will be hosting the Jax Evil Twin mirrored courses Solo event at the Navy Whitehouse OLF*. Veterans of the SCCA will recognize this solo format as it will be very similar to the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo® events.

    We have chosen Saturday Sept. 10th as an ideal date for everyone in the Southeast. It is approximately 1wk after the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo® Championships in Lincoln, NE. We hope that all the Southeastern ProSolo and National Solo competitors, as well as anyone looking to try such an event as their first "crooked drag", will come to Jacksonville for one last taste of the drag trees but with the laid back atmosphere of a regional event and a normal size course. There won't be any 30s courses here!

    Combining Drag and Solo

    Drivers will get to experience the rush of a drag race start as they line up side by side next to their competitors. When the "christmas tree" goes green, drivers will launch into either the east or the west course. Drivers will traverse the solo course just like any other solo event. Just like in drag racing, the first car to cross the finish line is the "winner" of that matchup. Just like in normal Solo, drivers will be competing against other competitors in their same class or pax class. Competitors will receive a minimum of 4 runs on each course for normal competition. Results will be based on the combined best time from each course. Reaction time will not be measured.

    The PAX Factor Challenge

    After all normal runs are complete, the top 8 quickest PAX times will go head-to-head in an all out, single elimination, shootout to the finish. A special award will be given to the winner and runner up of The PAX Factor Challenge.

    Super-Sprint Challenge

    After The PAX Factor Challenge runs are complete, the top 8 raw times will go head-to-head in a single elimination knock-out round where the winner takes all. No handicapping, and no whining! The quickest through wins! A special award will be given to the winner and runner up of the Super-Sprint Challenge.

    Event Details

    -Pre-registration is required! Please register here:
    -Entry Fee: $65.00; includes lunch and event t-shirt.
    -Registration will close on Thursday Sept 8th at midnight. To receive an event t-shirt, you must register before Friday Sept 2nd.
    -Site Directions:
    -There will be both street tire and pro PAX classes. Indicate pro class at check-in
    -No JR Karts, unless you bring your own Youth Kart Steward (Jax Solo does not have one)
    -This event will have a unique paddock and grid setup, much different from our normal Solo events. Look for signs when you enter the site.
    -Site surface is concrete.
    -After all runs are complete, a F.O.D walk must take place. All registered competitors are required to participate in the F.O.D walk.
    -WARNING FOR EXTREMELY LOW CARS : Each competition car must be able to drive over the debris grates to enter the runway. It is recomended to have at least 2" of ground clearance to be able to drive over the debris gates. Compliance is mandatory and is mandated by the U.S. Navy.
    -This event is rain or shine.

    For any questions related to this event, or anything related to the Jacksonville Solo program, please contact

    Event Schedule

    Friday Sept 9th
    Welcome Party & Competitor Check-in 5:00 - 9:00pm
    Hampton Inn Jacksonville I-10 West
    548 Chaffee Point Boulevard
    Jacksonville, FL 32221

    Technical Inspection
    Hampton Inn Jacksonville I-10 West 5:00 - 9:00pm

    Saturday Sept 10th
    Course Setup 6:30 - 7:30am
    Competitor Check-in & Tech Inspection 7:00 - 8:00am
    Novice Course Walk 8:15am
    Drivers Meeting 8:45am
    First Car Out 9:15am
    Lunch Break (45mins) After 1st or 2nd Heat (depending on time)
    The PAX Factor Challenge After 3rd Heat
    Super-Sprint Challenge After PAX Challenge
    Awards After course break down & cleanup

    Site Address

    Whitehouse Navy OLF
    1700 Halsema Rd Jacksonville 32220

    Frequently Asked Questions about Jax Solo and Navy Whitehouse OLF

    Do I need to sign anything to get onto the event site?
    YES. In addition to the standard SCCA waiver, everyone must fill out the U.S. Navy waiver, found online here:

    I have a valid and current military ID, do I still have to sign the waiver?
    YES. Everyone must sign it, regardless of your military involvement.

    Do I have to be an SCCA member to participate?
    NO. Everyone is welcome.

    I have an SCCA hard card.
    Great! We still require you to sign the standard SCCA event waiver for our records.

    I'm new to Solo and would love to try this as my first event.
    We recomend that you do not use this particular event as your first SCCA solo event. We are having other events between now and Sept 10th and we recomend that you attend at least one of these events prior to attending this particular solo event. If you have autocrossed with other clubs before (N.A.S.A, miata club, corvette club, porche club, etc), then you're welcome to come join us. We are only discouraging true novices.

    What's the street tire and pro PAX classes?
    All classes that are normally allowed to run R-compound tires are eligible for the street tire PAX class. Jacksonville Solo considers a street tire to have a UTG rating of 140 or above. Excluded classes are: AM, ST, STS, STX, STU and STR.
    The pro PAX class is a generic class to allow the "hot shoes" to compete against each other. Generally, the pro class consists of drivers who are mainly competing for bragging rights and are allowing the more inexperienced drivers to compete against each other in the regular "open" classes.

    Are spectators allowed?
    The way the event site is layed out, there isn't really a true "spectator" area. Anyone who enters the site is required to sign both waivers and is not considered a "spectator". We will have two designated viewing areas, one for each course.

    What does "mirrored courses" mean?
    We will be setting up two courses on the airstrip. One to the east (like normal) and one to the west. Both courses will be virtually identical but "mirroring" each other.

    Visit the Buccaneer Region Forum for all the latest news and conversation!

    :!: * The U.S. Navy has always and will always have the right to bump us from the event site without notice as Whitehouse OLF is an active training airstrip. This is a risk we at Buccaneer Region have learned to live with. In the event that the event must be cancelled due to the Navy use of the site or severe weather, all refunds will be given.
    New Member
    New Member

    12 Aug 2011 10:26 AM
    This event has been canceled due to the Navy resurfacing the runway the entire month of Sept.

    MODS - Please delete. I will repost once rescheduled.
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