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Last Post 28 Sep 2009 07:55 AM by  CSP137
OVR National Championship RallyX Two day event, September 19th, 20th
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14 Aug 2009 04:34 AM


    http://www.myautoevents.com/pls/mae/frmEventDetail.Show?psevent_id=10549" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.myautoevents.com/pls/mae...t_id=10549

    Copy and paste from DirtyImpreza.com


    2009 SCCA Rallycross Eastern States Championship

    September 19th and 20th

    Registration: http://www.myautoevents.com/" mce_href="http://www.myautoevents.com/" target="_blank">www.myautoevents.com

    Location: National Trail Raceway Hebron OH 43025

    This event will also serve as Ohio Valley Ragion Points Event #5 and #6. Registration for individual events is available. Both days need to be attended for Eastern States Championship.



    8:00AM-9:30AM Registration for Point Event #5

    8:00AM-9:30AM Worker Assignment sign-up

    8:00AM-9:30AM Tech Inspection open

    8:30AM-9:30AM Course open for walking

    9:15AM-9:30AM First heat cars may report to grid

    9:45AM-10:00AM Mandatory All Driver's Meeting

    10:00AM First Heat Workers report to MOBY

    10:00AM First car on course


    7:00AM-8:00AM Registration for Points Event #6

    7:00AM-8:00AM Worker Assignment sign-up

    7:45AM-8:15AM Tech Inspection open

    7:00AM-8:00AM Course open for walking

    8:00AM-8:15AM First heat cars may report to grid

    8:15AM Mandatory All Driver's Meeting

    8:25AM First Heat Workers report to MOBY

    8:35AM First car on course

    Entry fee for ESC is $75, each points event $40.

    There will be food and beverages after Saturday's event for ESC drivers, single event drivers can also attend ($10).

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    24 Sep 2009 07:54 PM


    Copy and paste

    You kids are missing out!

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    28 Sep 2009 07:55 AM

    I know where you can get in some great practice!


    Steve [:)]

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