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Last Post 01 Nov 2011 06:52 PM by  NJ Drive
Are you really a good driver? Or Navigator?
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31 Oct 2011 06:06 AM

    Come on out for some crazy fun but leave your autocrosser and spouse at home. All you need is a stock car, driver/navigator and be willing to have some crazy fun. Lots of seat time. We had everything from Stock Saturn to Old Impalas, etc. I am running an older Escort (not the really cool one RWD but a newer one) with Hella 500s for that cheap effective rally look. There are some vids on you tube.

    Hosted by our southern friends SJR and the route instructions use all tulip style notes.

    2011 Pine Barrens Express

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    New Member

    31 Oct 2011 09:53 PM
    I actually did this years ago with my old friend George Z. We did it in a $400 honda civic with a glow stick on the dash for the tenths mile. It was alot of fun, something you should do at least once. Some really cool roads paved and gravel..

    I know Tony and Jeff have also done it, and loved it..


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    01 Nov 2011 06:24 AM
    I've actually done this a few times (2 or 3) and is a spectacular event!! The route is a mix of paved and non-paved roads, sand, and hardpack. You will be driving in thew woods. Not near the woods, but through the woods, in the dark. You would think..."How hard IS it to drive in the dark and read a map?".. It is hard, but very rewarding...It's the most mentally challenging thing I've ever done, (as a navigator),

    Always had a blast!! --except for getting the Del Sol stuck. BUT........please adhere to the "lowered cars will have a tough go at it" comment. Still had a lot of fun, but you WILL have a LONG night in a lowered car, especially if you are the type to venture forth with little abandone. After this year, I was relegated to navigator...

    Did it in a stock Accord sedan and was one of my Top 5 motoring experiences ever..


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    New Member

    01 Nov 2011 06:52 PM
    I've done this three times as well.

    My first was back in 2001 or so with my 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac sedan(very rare).
    That year, we finished up at around 10pm- about 8 hours of driving through cranberry bogs and the pinelands. I want to do it again!
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