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Last Post 10 Jan 2012 02:46 PM by  solo-x
Prepping for 2012 and have a few questions. Need Help!!
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Veteran Member

10 Jan 2012 02:46 PM
actor wrote:
djsilver wrote:
actor wrote:
djsilver wrote: You can add adjustable timing gears as long as you car doesn't already have variable valve timing. ...

Not true. You can change cam gears no matter the system. That being said, if you have variable valve/cam timing, why would you? It's a very small point, but don't want misinformation to get out there. :-)

I won't argue with you but I've pasted the relevant section of the 2011 rules below. Bolding is mine.

AA. Camshafts and related parts must remain standard except that alternate

cam drive pulleys or gears may be used to adjust cam timing

if no variable cam and/or valve timing system exists as standard.

Type of cam drive (chain, belt, gear) must remain as standard. Alternate

parts of the same general type (e.g. roller chain in place of &ldquo;silent&rdquo;

chain) may be substituted. Mating parts (block, heads, covers,

retainers, etc.) may not be altered. Vehicles equipped with a variable

cam and/or valve timing system as standard may use alternate

computer calibration to adjust cam and/or valve timing but may not

change or substitute cam drive components (hardware).

Hmmm, I see your point. I don't think that was the intention; I'll run it by the boys on the next SPAC call and see what happens.


Bill, I agree with djsilvers interpretation. And trust me, if I thought they were anywhere remotely legal on the ITR I would have had them on there. 5-8% torque across the board, and a bit more in the mid range where my car really needs it from what I've been told. I wasn't on the SPAC when that change was implemented, so I'm not sure if it was intended to allow it on any car that didn't have a fancy cam phaser (VANOS, i-VTEC, etc).

You are not authorized to post a reply.
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