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Last Post 07 Nov 2009 02:09 PM by  Richard Dziak
2009 Team Pan Am Club Racing season concludes...
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Richard Dziak
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07 Nov 2009 02:09 PM

    For most Team Pan Am Club Racers the 2009 racing season has concluded. There may be 1 or 2 entries in the Arizona Region 1st ..1/2 season for November and December. Due to economic conditions "club racing" activity for many within our own club and across the country was curtailed. Hopefully once economic conditions improve, racers will have more disaposble income to spend on racing. During the next 6 months, many club racing owner/drivers will work and prepare their cars for the next coming racing season in 2010.

    Stan Czacki was the "standout" racer for the Team Pan Am "club racers" in 2009. Stan was one of the top 4 racers in the USA in SCCA Class SSB, and attended the SCCA National Run-offs in Topeka, but was unble to race after a bad and chilling accident during his qualifing session. While the car was totalled out, Stan was ok, with some reported bumps and bruises. Thank goodness for sound and high quality safety equipment.

    2010 should be a another good year for racing and Team Pan Am racers.

    This year Richard Dziak teamed up with the SouthWest Motorsports Group in Albuquerque, NM and ran several races, after leading the points in SCCA Class FB from the Arizona Region for the 2008-2009 racing season. Richard fell short on total points to defend his FB Regional Chmapionship from the 2008-2009 season.

    Team Pan Am Racer Mark Kowalski was active early in the year, and new Team Pan Am Novice racer John Basler, encountered mechanical problems with his Formula FC race car. Team Pan Am member Walt Kowalski obtained a Novice License. Hopefully we will see more of Walt in 2010.

    There are a few more Open Track days slated for ArroyoSecoRaceway for the remaining calendar year of 2009 and I expect a full schedule for 2010. When not racing competitively, many of the Team Pan Am Club racers can be found out at ArroyoSecoRacewayy for Open Track days or on private track rentals.

    As the year comes to a close, I appreciated the opportunity to serve as the Team Pan Am Club Racing Chairperson. I tried my best to create a "positive" spirit for the Pan Am Region, and to promote club racing in general. I wanted to make sure that all Pan Am Region members were kept up to date on our club racing program, and made many posts here on our forum updating and acknowledging the Team Pan Am Club Racing members efforts. During the year, the Richard Dziak Pan Am Club Racing Endowment fund, assisted our own members with financial assistance to help make their racing dreams come true.

    We have a great group of racers in the Pan Am Region, and all members should be proud of the club racers who were active in 2009. We now need to reflect on the 2009 racing season, and prepare for 2010.

    I enjoyed the time spent acting as your Club Racing Chairperson, and thank the 2009 BOD for appointing me to that post. My time spent was very enjoyable.

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