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Last Post 09 Nov 2009 11:46 PM by  weasel KP61
ITC class for a datsun 210??
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weasel KP61
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09 Nov 2009 11:46 PM
    I am wanting to eventually race in a scca race and am wondering what class to aim for with my 1980 datsun 210 for next year. My plan is to leave the engine mainly stock and gut the car, put in roll cage, fully upgrade the suspension/brakes and run dot tires. I was thinking the class I would run in would be ITC. What class would be the best/most competitive class to run with a rear wheel drive 1980 1400cc pushrod motor datsun w/~75hp and under 1700lbs? In ITC there are a lot of datsun 510 guys that race in that class. My car maybe a little bit less in hp than a 510's L16. Though could i compensate by taking more weight off to compete? Is that legal? Also what other cars race in ITC so i have an idea of what i am going up against. I also think this class would be perfect for my situation as i do not have tons of money to invest in a fully built engine yet. This class seems to be a momentum class which is also something i like. Anyways are there other ITC guys in here or datsun road racers who know about the 210's and could give me their opinion on the car i have and being in an ITC class? What do you people think?
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