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Last Post 17 Jul 2015 04:56 PM by  djm1968
Cayman S setup
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24 Jun 2011 12:06 PM
NJGT3 wrote:
Contact Greg Fordahl at Fordahl MotorSports. I spoke to him at Nationals in 2010 and he can work on custom valved external adjustable Cayman shocks that work with the stock springs and struts. Making them work with the stock struts, springs and strut tops is the difficult part, and Greg already knows how. If you want to do the same with a 996 Carrera for A-stock, Greg is the guy.

The car needs way stiffer shocks, given the soft springs.

The car with PASM has stiffer springs, so that's the ideal car. The Sport Chrono package when set to Sport has a better response from the gas pedal (the stock cayman gas pedal is a little laggy). The Cayman S Sport Edition (303 Hp) can only use 19" in A-Stock per the rules, so somehow that car has to be converted to non-Sport Edition to be able to run 18" wheels. Find a standard Cayman S with PASM and Sport Chrono.

Almost impossible to find a 2008 Cayman S with PCCB and the optional carbon seats. To retrofit the seats is $6,500 plus labor, and the brakes another $15,000 plus labor (new uprights needed). The ideal car is 100 lbs lighter than my car at Nationals, and we weighed at 2,960 lbs running on the fuel fumes.

I have run the car on 18 and 19, the car on 18 is a lot faster (nor barely, but a lot). The 19" 295 is a 26.1" tall tire, the 285x18 is 24.9" and wider than the 295, much better gearing in 2nd gear for autoX, the car stays over 4,000 rpm most of the time (where the cam plays nicely up to redline).

Max-out front camber, and run the minimum possible rear camber, 0 toe rear, a little toe-out front. Don't forget to install the 997 GT3 front sway bar, in the softest or one from softest setting ( I ran it in the middle at Nationals, and every co-driver complained about massive understeer).

I'm getting a very long life out of my 285/30R18 A6 in the Cayman with just 1 degree of negative camber (maxed out front, minimum rear). On my practice wheels (Chinese heavy knock-off Porsche wheels), I have a set of A6 that has 56 autoX laps, 25 laps around the Miami Speedway (HomeStead), 200+ street miles, and they are still good, I have never flipped them. I will run them next month at Homestead until I cord them.

I have followed the Cayman prices in the last 2 years, and they hit rock bottom a year ago, now they look a little higher. It's a nice car that needs lots of power.

Reading your set-up with interest but some questions please... Does the smaller OD on the 18" wheels/tires create problems with ABS on your Cayman S? Also, are you running the 285x18 on all four corners? If so, how well does that work on those 8.5" front wheels? Hoosier specs call for 10-11" wide wheel.

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05 Jul 2015 11:26 AM
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I recently picked up an 07 cayman S and plan on running it in AS. I have been driving a mkv gti in STX trim, but want to finally drive a proper car.
What is the deal with replacing a catback exhaust? I don't have the car yet, but looking at stock mufflers, there seem to be catalytic converters in them. I haven't seen an aftermarket catback with cats. Is it legal to replace stock mufflers then?
I really like the fabspeed race exhaust, but it all depends on what is legal...
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17 Jul 2015 04:56 PM

C. Any part of the exhaust system beyond (downstream from) the header/manifold or catalytic converter, if so equipped, may be substituted or removed provided the system exits the car in the original location and meets the requirements of Section 3.3.3.B.16, Section 3.5 and Appendix I where applicable.

Modifications of any type, including additions to or removal of, the catalytic converters, thermal reactors, or any other pollution control devices in the exhaust system are not allowed and the system must be operable. Replacement catalytic converters must be OE if the vehicle has not exceeded the warranty period as mandated by the EPA. Converters must be of the same type and size and used in the same location as the original equipment converter(s). This does not allow for a high performance unit. If the vehicle has exceeded the warranty period, replacement catalytic converters must be OE-type as per Section 13.0.

Best I can tell, that sums it up, but it is somewhat confusing. First section dealing with 'cat-back' exhausts would allow you to do a cat-back exhaust, but the second section makes it clear that cats can not be eliminated. Since the 987.'s have cats in exhaust manifolds *and* the mufflers, it would seem both sets of cats must be present so you'd need a cat-back with cats in the mufflers.

Also it is possible to retrofit the Sport mode software -- which was note the case when this thread was started. More info here: http://www.suncoastparts.com/produc...4INTELECAC

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