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Last Post 10 Apr 2012 04:20 PM by  solo-x
"Camber Kits"
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07 Apr 2012 11:14 PM

    This is from the rulebook.

    Camber kits, also known as camber compensators, may be installed.
    These kits consist of either adjustable length arms or arm mounts
    that provide a lateral adjustment to the effective length of a control
    arm. Alignment outside the factory specifications is allowed. Caster
    changes resulting from the use of camber kits are permitted. The following
    restrictions apply:

    Keep the bolded part in mind.

    Also in the book.....

    4. The replacement arms or mounts must attach to the original standard
    mounting points.
    All bushings must meet the requirements of
    15.8.C. Intermediate mounting points (e.g. shock/spring mounts)
    may not be moved or relocated on the arm, except as incidental
    to the camber adjustment. The knuckle/bearing housing/spindle
    assembly cannot be modified or replaced. A non-standard ball
    joint which is present in a compliant camber kit replacement control
    arm is permitted to offset from the standard point the spindle
    mounting location from the control arm plane.

    Again check the bold section

    Seems pretty cut/dry but basically I'm curious if a part that adjusts camber by slotting holes and welding eccentric brackets, and using eccentric bolts would be legal. Even if attempting to adjust to FACTORY settings.

    Example BMW E30 rear trailing arm suspension. These could be used to adjust the rear camber back to factory specs after lowering ride height.

    Is there any kind of wording that could be introduced that would A-make modifications like this legal, and B-not end in a butchered relocation of suspension mounting points allowance?

    It's actually a part BMW used on the 5 series, but not 3 series. The factory method for camber adjustment is a non adjustable rubber bushing.

    Here is an example=http://store.bimmerworld.com/rear-cambertoe-adjustment-kit---e30-z3-318ti-p889.aspx

    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    10 Apr 2012 04:20 PM
    As the rule is written now this wouldn't be legal. I personally don't see a way to word it so that it can be changed either. This might be one of those "warts and all" kinda things you just have to accept.
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