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Last Post 10 Dec 2009 08:11 AM by  Primetime Glick
Problems with installing a Hypertech in a 7.3 with 160k+ miles
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05 Dec 2009 02:29 PM
    I bought a 1999 F-250 w/7.3 with 160k+ miles and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with installing a Hypertech in a truck that has never had one. I would like to get more power out of it and better mileage. Any draw backs or problems with high miles?
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    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    09 Dec 2009 02:27 PM

    Miles on 7.3L Diesel is not an issue till you get over something like 500K.

    However these things are not MPG machines. There is virtually NOTHING you can do to get better MPG. except put an egg under your right foot.

    I get 16MPG towing my car if I stay close to 70 MPH. 75 MPH and it will lose 2 MPG. 80 MPH and you better find a truck stop to fuel up. 2000 F250 Supercrew 8ft bed 2wd.

    Last caravan trip with a couple Miatas, I was pulling my car on a beasty big trailer. Had to keep checking on the Mazdas cuz I would leave them going up hill.

    Tuners make power by dumping more fuel and making more boost. = crappy MPG. If you can make 21 MPG you are doing better than 90% of super duty owners.

    Primetime Glick
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    10 Dec 2009 08:11 AM
    Joe_914 wrote:

    Miles on 7.3L Diesel is not an issue till you get over something like 500K.

    That's not true for ANYTHING unless you know exactly how well it was cared for through its whole life. Does it have a K&N or some other "high flow" filter? that'll reduce the life of the turbo, at the very least.... A chip and a filter are common mods that often screw with the durability of the engine. It always amazes me when a chip mfg. offers some sort of "no compromise" power/MPG tune over the factory settings, all by itself. Sure...

    For MPG, I'd start by focusing on the basic details, like you should for any car - rolling resistance (air in your tires = 80psi?), aerodynamics (i.e. bed cover), air/fuel/spark (i.e., condition of the fuel injectors, glow plug, air filter, TB), and fluids in the reciprocating assemblies (i.e., engine/trans/diff oils). All that basic stuff should be immediately ran through for a vehicle of that age/use.

    Other than keeping it out of the boost and lightening your foot (of course), diesels hate short drives. Until that huge heavy block is warmed up (long time) they get terrible MPG. If you have an 120v outlet near where you park it... maybe retrofit an engine block heater?

    A water/methanol injection kit is another option, it should help for long heavy tows, but from what I've heard, be careful with the purity and mix of the water/methanol. And of course it adds expense and complication.

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