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Last Post 06 Jun 2012 04:01 PM by  fast_eddie_72
SP classing confusion
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06 Jun 2012 04:01 PM

    I tried to submit an online request to the SEB. Not sure if it went thorugh or not. I got an error when I submitted it. Not really a problem, just wanted to point out a minor error I found. Figured someone who needs to see it might find it here.

    '76 and '77 Ford/Mercury Capris are currently listed in both DSP and FSP. I think at one time all the 4 cyl. cars were FSP and the V6s DSP. Looks like maybe an error was made when that was changed. The line in DSP is probably supposed to read (1971-74). I'd love to think a Capri could work in DSP, but even as a fan, that seems a stretch to me. Seems like they should maybe consider moving them all to FSP. And it may well be an issue that will never be an actual problem. Not many of us Capri owners left out here and I don't know of anyone building one for SCCA Autocross.

    A '70 2.0 might make a good FSP car- maybe. Need a lot of work on the rear suspenstion. Maybe a '72 2600, though the 2.0 could proably make more power in FSP trim and be lighter. Not sure. Would be fun to try though!

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