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Last Post 22 Jul 2012 03:06 AM by  Malfred
Fun & Fast Sports Racer For Sale - Reduced price !
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22 Jul 2012 03:06 AM

    Reliable & Fast Toyota Powered Sports Racer – For Sale

    Life changes & the best laid plans of mice & men often go astray. This puppy has got to go.

    FOR SALE --- This great handling, easy to drive, center cockpit single seated mid-engine sports racer is called a Toyota WSR. This WSR -(WSR stands for World Sports Racer)- which is a purpose built tube frame mid-engine race car, has a reliable Toyota MR-2 based drive train powering this mid-engine sports racer chassis combined with a light weight fibreglass body, all together it is called a WSR & it is for sale. This car fits in the CSR class.

    ENGINE --- This great Sports Racer is powered with a reliable, fresh, low time Toyota 1600 cc, 4 cylinder, dual over head cam, 4 - valve per cylinder - 4 AGE engine. It’s the same base engine as many of the top Formula Atlantic cars are often running & winning with. This solid engine is equipped with WEB cams, 12.25 to 1 compression, Wiseco pistons, Supercharged MR-2 head gasket, along with the simplicity, reliability, greater power & responsiveness of dual side draft 40 mm DCOE Weber carburettors & a tuned header exhaust. Ignition system is the reliable Electromotive HPV-1 Crank Fire Ignition system with rev-limiter. This engines current stage of tune yields about 160 reliable HP @ 7700 rpm output level & is currently tuned to deliver a wide power band & broad torque curve for easy flexible drivability. This stage of engine tune gives it the hard to find combination of good performance, broad power band & great driveability along with a long life span and super reliability.

    TRANSMISSION --- Behind this versatile & reliable motor it is equipped with a reliable easy to shift Toyota manual 5 speed fully synchromesh transaxle (also with reverse) that anyone can drive with ease. This power train combination is all set up as a fully legal VARA specification WSR engine & Transmission. Car is equipped with a good 8 gallon fuel cell. Current highly reliable state of tune engine allows it to race flat out for about 45 to 50 minutes to a tank of fuel & still take that victory lap.

    FRAME & CHASSIS ---STRONG Triangulated Steel square tube space frame design & lightweight fibreglass body combined with center cockpit layout makes it light weight & fast but also extremely strong & safe. This well designed sports racer has all the proper crush zones for driver protection & good safety. Plus custom radiator & oil cooler that are located in the rear where they won't get hurt. Don’t forget the added safety of a full body with no open wheels like those open wheeled Formula cars have. This well thought out racer even has a light weight but strong steel tube rear bumper to protect the rear exhaust tip. Car is extremely roomy & has a fully adjustable petal cluster & steering column to fit most any size driver from tall to short -- heavy to light -- it can fit them all - comfortably. Dual outside mirrors give great rearward visibility to see your competition behind you. This particular car has no crash damage history since day one.

    SUSPENSION --- The suspension is a no compromise, no nonsense, fully independent racing suspension of solid design made for racing, not some street car compromise style. With a direct manual rack & pinion steering rack, it responds to steering inputs like a go-cart. For perfect handling set up it has upper & lower a-arms with heim joints for exact Castor, Camber & Toe adjustability – front & rear. It has coil over Koni shocks at all 4 corners & threaded adjustable ride height spring perches on all 4 shocks to allow you to perfectly set up the car. It even has front & rear adjustable sway bars to fine tune the handling to your preference. To say the obvious “it handles great”!

    BRAKES --- Brakes are 4 wheel disc brakes with front vented rotors & have Tilton dual master cylinder design with cockpit adjustable front to rear brake bias. Front brakes have integral brake cooling ducting. Reliable Toyota MR-2 brake calipers all around with high performance racing Hawk Brake pads all around always stop the car straight & efficiently every time. Special Racing Castrol SRF High Temp Racing 590 degree Brake fluid is used throughout in the brake system so no brake fade from brake fluid boiling. Car stops on a dime & gives you 9 cents change.

    FEATURES ----

    HAS - SCCA log book. NO crash damage history.

    HAS - SCCA approval to race paperwork & homologation papers as well.

    HAS - Current SCCA valid annual tech inspection.

    HAS – SCCA fuel sample port

    HAS – Removable steering wheel.

    HAS – alloy wheels with racing slicks

    HAS - new 6 point safety belts

    HAS - new transponder.

    HAS – built in on board fire system

    HAS – in cockpit driver adjustable brake bias

    HAS - Tilton Brake master cylinders

    HAS – Aeroquip brake lines

    HAS – All brake callipers have had fresh overhaul

    HAS - Castrol SRF High Temp Racing 590 degree Brake fluid used in the brake system

    HAS – external kill switch with proper wiring to alternator charging system

    HAS – wiring & antenna, hand held radio holder & push to talk wiring for in car radio

    HAS – Adjustable steering column & Adjustable petal assembly to fit all drivers well

    HAS-- Remote oil filter & all oil lines are Aeroquip to filter & oil cooler

    HAS – separate rear rain light & dual-double rear brake lights

    HAS – on engine alternator & charging system – keeps battery always charged up.

    HAS - only 2 races on freshened engine – which is about 3 hours since new.

    HAS - 14 total races on car since new for total hours on car of only 21 hours since new.

    HAS – full documentation of every race this car has ever run in the vehicle log book.

    HAS – Documentation & manuals included for Weber carburettors, & Electromotive HPV-1 Ignition System plus build & cam information on Toyota 4AGE 1600 engine.

    SPARES: Comes with 10 extra spare alloy wheels plus the 4 wheels that are on the car for a total of 14 wheels inventory that come with the car. All wheels are matching alloy wheels.

    PREPERATION & CONDITION --- Just did, over the last couple years, a full disassembly of chassis, with a comprehensive inspection & replacement of anything we thought it needed. Following that with a careful reassembly to bring it to a fresh running & fully operational car that is turnkey race ready. Engine has only 3 hours on it. Vehicle has NO Crash Damage History. I would rate this car as in very good condition. Many nice touches such as: HAS – synthetic racing oil in the engine. HAS – new ACDelco battery, HAS - alternator charging system, Has - Brake callipers overhauled even though they were working just fine. HAS - New Hawk Racing brake pads all around. HAS - Special Racing Castrol SRF High Temp Racing 590 degree Brake fluid used throughout in the brake system. HAS - Car had a full 4 wheel alignment performed on it after its final full reassembly.

    This is a fun to drive, good mechanically sound car that is designed well, built well, works well & is ready to go.

    WHERE YOU CAN RUN --- This versatile & fast Sports Racer is race ready & can do it all as it has its current SCCA log book & paper work & is fully legal for regular SCCA regional / national club racing events as a CSR; or for Time Trials with the SCCA –(NOTE: time trials are a no competition license required event); or one real fast Solo two B-Modified auto-crosser; or for racing in historic & vintage racing groups like with VARA, HSR-West, NASA, SCCA vintage, etc. as a WSR, ESR or CSR; or even as a fun reliable low maintenance track day car that won’t break the bank. It is so much easier to get track time with the various track day groups with this sports racer than you could ever get with a formula car. Plus it sure is lots of fun being one of the faster cars on the track too. This is one versatile race car.

    SUMMARY --- This car is fast & reliable, plus handles great with no vices & is fun to drive, with the advantage of a very low operation cost. With the big plus of its acceptance by most all the racing clubs & track day groups it has the versatility that it can be run in most any on track group, plus historic & vintage groups as well as SCCA. Its much easier to get track time in this versatile sports racer than you can in any formula car. Another plus of this WSR is that most all drive train components all come from the 1985 to 1989 Toyota MR-2 or similar road cars & have off the shelf parts availability & are easy & cheap to obtain. This WSR Sports Racer would also make a great Endurance Racing Car as well. Car ran last at SCCA race at Button Willow Raceway Park in California on October of 2011.

    TRAILER --- I also have a flat single axle trailer that fits the car perfectly if you want it or need one for only $ 500.00 more, But if you don't want the trailer that’s OK too. This car, on this trailer, is an easy tow with my Chevy Impala with its V-6 engine & auto Transmission.

    You Can't Go Racing with less operating expense & have more fun than with this WSR !

    Car located in Camarillo, Ca. --- 93010 ----- which is in Southern California, USA.

    PRICE: Asking a reasonable $ 15,995.00 – OBO.

    I have a couple dozen pictures I can e-mail you, if needed. Just drop me an e-mail & I’ll send you some.

    Contact via e-mail - Mike at: alfamike8277 at yahoo dot com

    Thanks. Mike

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