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Last Post 22 Feb 2010 07:06 AM by  wrheadle
SMT Pax and Points System Changes for 2010 Season
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FWR Solo D
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19 Feb 2010 07:39 PM

    The new PAX index for Street Mod Street Tire (SMT) is: The Class Index for SMT is equivalent to 97.5% of the SM index as published under the RTP/PAX Index for the current competition year on the Chicago Region Website.


    The points system for the 2010 Solo Series with follow like the GLSS system works.

      Points/Day=100-(900*(Entrants Time-Class Winning Time/Day)

    (Class Winning Time/Day)

    Best of 5 events, each class winner will get 100 points, max possible points is 500 for the year. I pulled the information from http://www.soloseries.org/2009GLSSRules.pdf page 2

    We will be still doing the best 5 like before. Ties will be covered like GLSS does.


    Class Champs for members who win best of 5 events in there class was voted back in. My understanding is FWR used to do this. Well, it is back. You will still get your end of the year trophy with all your finishes, and if you won the class - the trophy will be a step bigger with wording
    "Class Champion".


    I am working on the wording for the PRO (X) class. This was tabled and will be voted on in March. We would like to run Pro(X) class like Indy does. Help pull the pros out of the regular class to offer battles in the classes for people new at it and get the pros in their own battle to. At the event we can announce this information, make it more interesting for year end.


    Hope this information helps.


    New Member
    New Member

    22 Feb 2010 07:06 AM


    Can you get with me and let me know how the GLDiv series calculates (not the formula, the spreadsheet mechanism) for points? I need to get a jump start on a new spreadsheet to do class points and an index points system at the same time.



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