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Last Post 05 Nov 2012 07:57 PM by  lexlex
will pay to do a ride along with expert drivers!
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05 Nov 2012 07:57 PM
    Hey Folks!

    I'm working on a research project that will aid drivers in futuristic vehicles. So, I'm looking for some expert drivers who I can watch drive and take notes. All that is required is that you can come to Mountain View, California, and you can prove your status as an expert driver. The bar is fairly low, you don't have to be a professional, but you should be pretty good. Tell me your experience, and you will probably qualify. I'm just looking to ride along with you on a *normal* drive, not a performance drive! We will just drive around the area for 1 hour while I occasionally ask you questions about your driving, that's it! And in return, you get $100 bucks. So to summarize:

    -are a performance driving enthusiast or professional
    -have racing experience
    -have either taken real training or has multiple years performance driving experience
    -can come to Mountain View, CA for a 1 hour drive in the normal non-performance driving street situation

    -Will take notes and videotape
    -Occasionally ask questions
    -Keep everything 100% confidential (I have the forms and everything)
    -Will pay you $100.

    If you are interested please respond here or PM me! If you know of someone or another forum I should look into as well, please let me know as well. Thanks!


    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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