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Last Post 22 Aug 2013 11:14 AM by  fzust
BP - gone in 2013?
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New Member
New Member

31 Mar 2013 09:18 PM
    Noticed BP not longer appears in the solo rulebook.. is this intentional or a typo? thanks.
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    31 Mar 2013 09:26 PM
    BP was provisional-only in the 2012; caught a lot of people off-guard when it was removed in 2013, though. Bumps to XP, which unfortunately has a much stiffer pax.
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    01 Apr 2013 10:36 AM
    BP has been supplemental since 2007 or 8 IIRC.

    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    22 Aug 2013 11:14 AM
    There was some letter writing to the PAC and vocal "encouragement" to bring back BP at the townhall. The PAC reply was that if there is a groundswell of interest then the BP contingent should show up at nationals or national events to show interest in continuing. To my knowledge there has been little if any. The PAC is looking at some things to make "BP-like" cars have a home and would like feedback at the townhall meeting in Lincoln. The rules committee is NOT interested in the singular voiced "Bring Back BP" gregorian chant. Rather new ideas or thoughts on good things for Prepared. Failing that, we are going to take popcorn and beer over to the SAC townhall and watch the gang violence and hilarity!
    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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