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Last Post 21 Apr 2013 10:41 AM by  gary p
B-Spec or Spec Miata?
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New Member

17 Apr 2013 02:14 AM

    I am currently a full-time student in college and looking to build a race car on a fairly tight budget. I come from a pretty extensive background in karting and have participated in a few track days here and there in a Miata. I am currently looking to build and race a car for competitive wheel to wheel racing and always thought that the best class for cheap, competitive car racing was the Spec Miata class. So I recently bought a 1999 Miata to build into a Spec Miata. Lately though I have been reading online and taken an interest to B-Spec racing as it seems it may also be an alternative to cheap, competitive racing. I am now contemplating selling the Miata and building a Mazda 2 for B-Spec. Can anyone that has any experience with either series enlighten me on which series seems to be better as far as price and competition goes on both a regional and national level? Thanks!

    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    17 Apr 2013 09:57 PM
    I've run SSC Neon's, SSB Miata's and not SM. Here are my thoughts. Advantage of SM-lots of guys to race against whether your in front or back, fun cars to drive, reliable and easy on parts, plenty of support, known quantity, mazda support. Disadvantage of SM-competition is fierce, you drive a chick car.

    B-spec-small fields, if any,SLOW cars, unknown reliability, nobody to race against, not sure the class will make it.

    Personally-I would buy a car that is already prepared and sorted because you will save money over building it yourself. The advantage of building a car is you can build it as funds become available.

    Hope that helps.
    gary p
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    21 Apr 2013 10:41 AM
    While any racing is good racing, Spec Miata wins this face-off hands down. SM's are dynamically superior (have you looked up the F/R weight distribution #'s on the B-Spec cars?), cheaper to buy, cheaper to race (easier on tires), have better residual value (a race-prepped miata will have some home in the SCCA for the next 25 years; a Mazda2 is likely to be worthless as race cars in the not-too-distant future). You'll almost certainly always have a full field to race against. The only argument for B-spec is if you're principal goal is to qualify for the Runoffs. It would be easier to do in the B-Spec simply because of the far smaller pool of drivers competing for the spots.
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