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Last Post 15 Jul 2013 12:45 PM by  Boxologist
F125 Transport and spares list for out of town races?
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27 Apr 2013 12:11 PM
    My local autocross club (Siskiyou Sports Car Club) took a closed vote last winter without telling me and banned all shifter karts if your over 17. Apparently two out of town  f125 drivers set TTD and drove in the pits on the last race. So they banned everybody with Karts over 17 to be fair and stripped all kart times from the results. Yes it sounded stupid to me, but the club was already very anti- kart. With several very hostile members even when I had permission to run.
    I want to get a few races in this season so it looks like I'm driving to a few out of town events. Does anyone have a quick spares list and advice on what to take when your heading about 3 hours away (6 total). I use to just load a stand and a tool box with a jet assortment and not worry because home was a few miles away. Obviously I will have to be better prepared now.  I think I will need a small trailer for security when staying in a motel. I was thinking about building a small enclosed trailer similar to this (lower right) That I could stick the kart in at night while at the motel and store the spares underneath a fiberglass canopy on the truck. My truck is a 6 cylinder so towing anything huge trailer wise wont cut it on the mountains.
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    12 Jun 2013 01:26 AM
    Sorry, I don't get to this list too often, or I'd have offered a bit of advice a couple of months ago.
    When "The Pack" travels, we usually take way too much. Jokes indicate that kitchen sinks have been spotted in the trailer.
    But if one of us is traveling a couple of hours alone, we do conserve space and weight, taking only what is really likely to be needed.
    This is not a complete list of course, but may help. I recognize that your season has probably already run for a while.
    First, spares for things which may break: Rod ends. A tie rod. Shifter linkage. A chain. A master link. Wheel studs (better, spare hubs). Hardware assortment for sizes on your kart; bolts, nylocks, clips, etc.. Clutch cable. Throttle cable. Front wheel bearings and kingpin bearings.
    Maintenance items: Fluids for every system, brakes, cooling, fuel. Lubricants for bearings and chain. WD-40.
    Spare wheels/tires (one or two each front/rear) Mounted set of rain tires.
    Gear selection, alternates for axle and motor.
    Rain setup for the motor: Shielded intake system
    Tools: Brake bleeder. Tire mount tools if a two-day weekend. Air tank/compressor. Air gauge. Tape measure.
    Block of wood for raising the frame off of the pavement.
    Shop rags/towels. Hand cleaner. De-greaser. Spray brake cleaner.
    Rain gear for yourself, whether driving or not. (poncho, umbrella)
    Sunscreen. Hat. Chair. Food/water.

    Hope you are getting to run. sounds to me like that club is playing ostrich...
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    Basic Member

    15 Jul 2013 12:45 PM
    A small SUV should be able to handle a  10' or 12' which will be plenty for a kart. You can even spec the trailer be narrower, or have a the top on an enclosed lower a few feet. for an even lighter covering.
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