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Last Post 17 Jun 2013 04:25 PM by  VAAutox
Tidewater Sports Car Club Track Attack June 29th & 30th in Moyock, NC
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17 Jun 2013 04:25 PM

    I apologize in advance if posting this violates any board rules.  I looked around and have not seen anything that prohibits against it so here goes:

    TSCC is holding a two day event at Academi in Moyock, NC on their training track.  The event will be held in a Time Trial style format.  Registration will be on-line ONLY via

    We are aiming to provide 2 sessions per day to all competitors with 4-6 runs per session depending on the number of participants.  Trophies have been ordered and will be awarded to the top 3 fastest raw time, top 3 fastest pax (based on autocross classing/pax) and the top 2 in Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared, Street Modified, Street Tire, Prepared and Modified.

    Registration is open both for Members and Non-Members over at
    Schedule of events, cost and other info are available at

    Food and lodging is available on-site for participants:
        On Site lodging – On site lodging is available through the Black Bear Inn at 252-435-1950.  Not including tax, rooms are $50 per person per night in a bunkroom (up to four per room), $65 per person per night in a semi-private (two per room, bathroom shared with next room), and $85 per person per night in a private room (private bathroom).

        On Site Food – Meals are currently $5.00 for breakfast, and $10 for lunch and dinner.

        Pro-Shop – Should be open at least 8 or 9 to noon, maybe longer.

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: On-line Preregistration is REQUIRED. There are NO Walkups or day of registration. Due to the secure nature of the facility we are required to submit the registrant information on the Tuesday before the event. NO one will be able to register after that information is submitted.  This requirement also includes Spectators.   Spectator on-line registration is free.

    Registration is expected to open no later than 6/3.  As usual registration will be open to members first.
    Due to security requirements it will close 4 days before the event in order for the information to be submitted to Academi.

    In order to ensure we can get everyone a reasonable number of runs we are limiting the event to 60 entrants.

    The format will be a blending of road racing and autocross.  Competitors will perform a standing start, perform one circuit of the course and cross a finish line before exiting the course and pulling back into grid.  The day will be broken into several heats based on the number of participants and divided into 2 sessions.  A morning session and an afternoon session.  All competitors will be given runs in both sessions.

    Trophies will be award.  The top 3 Raw times, the top 3 PAX times (based on Autocross classing) and the top in Stock (All Stock classes PAXed), Street Touring (all ST classes PAXed),  Street Modified (All SM classes PAXed), Street Prepared (All SP classes PAXed), Prepared (All P classes PAXed), Modified (All M classes PAXed), Ladies and Street Tire.  Trophies for the Class groups will be awarded for 1st and 2nd.

    Event specific rules will be sent out at least 10 days before the event. There will be specific rules for this event to help ensure the safety of the workers and racers.  A few of the more important ones are:

    1.  Two Wheels Off:  In the event that you get two wheels into the dirt you are immediately subject to a mandatory re-tech inspection.  While we will attempt to complete this in a timely manner you are not guaranteed to not miss your next run.
    2.  Multiple Occurrences of Two Wheels Off:  If you have two wheels in dirt more than once in a single session then you will not be allowed to continue for that session.  If you get two wheels in the dirt three or more times during the weekend and you will be disqualified and not allowed to continue.
    3.  Four Wheels Off:  In the event that you get four wheels into the dirt you will be subject to a mandatory re-tech inspection and you will not be allowed continue in that session.
    4.  Multiple Occurrences of Four Wheels Off:  If you get four wheels off twice in the same day you will not be allowed to continue that day.  If you get all four wheels off three or more times during the weekend you will be disqualified and not allowed to continue.


             Single Day - $50
             Two Days -  $85

             Single Day - $60
             Two Days - $100

    You can find more information at or track maps and other such information at The TSCC Forum

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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