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Last Post 23 Aug 2013 03:12 PM by  Scoob
Kart Mod setup
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New Member

22 Aug 2013 02:17 PM

    I picked up a 03 PCR Red Rocket 125 shifter kart and am in need of setup advice.  

    1)  What type and compound tires do people run for autocross?

    2)  What would be a baseline track width setting?  (currently 48 front, 53 rear)

    3)  Set the front camber/caster setting for max castor?  (it has a eccentric cam on the top of the king pin with 4 settings)

    Thanks for any advice!

    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    23 Aug 2013 03:12 PM
    Welcome to KM! Always happy to have more people taking a hit from the pipe.

    Regarding your questions, there is no one right set up, sotake all of this as only a place to start. You will need to adjust to your liking, based on conditions for each event.

    1. MG Greens are the standard. Hoosier also makes a competitive tire in their new R50 compounds, I think. Jason Vehige has done some testing of those (as did I for one session at Summer Nats). The Old Man (Alan Sheidler) ran the Hoosier R45 6" tires at the Wilmington Tour with OK results, too.

    2. Track width is a very personal setting and can vary dramatically between drivers. I prefer a medium width in front regardless of surface, then 54.5" or 55" rear on concrete, narrower (53 - 54") on asphalt. My suggestions: run the front in the middle of the width you have available to start. Run the rear around 54" to start and adjust 1/4" at a time to see how the change feels. You will be able to feel the differences.

    3. Camber depends on your size from what I've seen. I run zero camber for better braking and straightline stability, but I'm a "typical" smaller kart driver. Bigger guys tend to run some camber to help with turn in. A lot will depend on your size and how well your weight is distributed. Corner-weight your setup, with you in the kart and look for good side-to-side weights and about a 43-44% front split. If you can't get to 43% front, some camber might help turn-in.

    Caster you can play with to see how it affects turn in. Usually people max it and forget it.

    Toe is another place to play. Again I run about zero toe, but bigger drivers might use a little toe out to help with turn-in.

    Experimentation is the name of the game. If you have a local sprint track, go play for a day to see what suits you and your driving style. If you plan to spend any time at the track, buy some MG Yellows (or equivalent Hoosier R60A) so you don't run through your Greens in one day.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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