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Last Post 31 Oct 2013 12:08 PM by  Lava5.0
Introductions and Wheel Advice
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New Member

31 Oct 2013 12:08 PM

    Hi Everyone,

        After a gentle shove from one of my co-workers, this past summer was my first introduction to autocrossing.  I have to say it is something I am really enjoying.  Everyone I have met at NNJR has been incredibly helpful and sincerely wanted to help, so to begin, I just want to say Thanks. 

    First a little about myself and the car.  I am a 25 years old and love tinkering with the car.  I am a huge Mustang fan.  As such I daily drive a 2012 Mustang GT; it is my only car.  This means that any racing I do, whether it be drag racing or autocrossing is done in this car.  The car has been lowered with Roush Lowering springs and has a GT500 front sway bar.  It features Brembo brakes with brake ducts from the front bumper, as well as the intake manifld from the Boss 302, a Cold Air intake and a Tune.  Lastly I opened the exhaust a bit with resonator deletes and GT500 mufflers.  Racing activities this summer included three NNJR events (2 in STX - wrong class and my last event 9-28 in TESP) and 4-5 trips to the track. At my last NNJR event I even managed to finished second in class (woohoo!). 

    As I am a novice to both forms of racing, I am learning as I go. The biggest lesson this year was the realization that upgrades in drag racing can hurt me in autocross (hence I am in ESP with almost no suspension work done to the car).  Further hurting me (is that I run  Cooper RS3-A ultra higher performance All season tires.  Don't get me wrong, they are a great tire that I highly recommned, but at the end of the day they are still all seasons....which leads me to the actual topic of my post - a second set of wheels and tires.

    I am a little bit lost. I currently run 19x9 inch wheels all around.  I know I want street tires and I know I want to go wider for grip at the drag strip - i.e. 10inch (285-295) would work well.  I also know having a square set of wheels would be better for tire wear which brings me to Question 1: Does anyone with Mustang knowledge know is a 10inch wide wheel will fit on the front of the Mustang with Brembos?

    I know a few guys run 18x10 on slicks.  My issue with the 18 inch wheels is that I want to keep my tire circumference the same or higher than the 27inches I am now.  Reason being, anything less than that and I am looking at a 4-5 shift at the drag strip.  so Question 2: If I did get an 18in wheel, having a tire sidewall that keeps my 27inch circumference would be too tall to really help me?

    Still, I really like the look of 19inch wheels on the car and since this will essentially be my summer wheel set, not just for autocrossing 18s may not be an option.  That being said, there are a lot of wheels out there and I do want a set that can stand up to abuse without  being heavier than stock 27-28lbs.  Question 3: Any thoughts on wheels brands.  Originally I was looking at OEM Boss 302 wheels but I am more than willing to look at anything ideas you may have.

    Finally, my last question: Question 4: Tires- the Venturi RS3s and associated tires I see a lot o people run don't really come in tire sizes that big and wide.  Do you have any recommendations on tires.  Again I have to compromise as I need them to have decent life.

    I realize that my car is one giant contradiction and I apologize for my ridiculous priorities.  Honestly any advise will be helpful and I will definitely take it all under consideration.  I look forward to the discussions we will have.  Thank you in advance for your time and help.



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