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Last Post 12 Dec 2013 06:37 AM by  OHOilMan
Paul Walker Tribute
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12 Dec 2013 06:37 AM
    We are currently working on setting up a private race event to honor Paul Walker and his charity Reach Out Worldwide. This will be a private race event held at a road course in California. Currently we have 21 drivers signed on with all the owners wanting to make considerable donations. We are working on reserving a full road course for a weekend racing event. Leading the pack with a tribute lap to the late Paul Walker and Roger Rodas will be the private race driver David Keller (26) out of Albuquerque New Mexico. He has raced cars from muscle to import to a $500,000 Ferrari. His most noticed victory was in my 1000+ Hp Supra that took 3 years to redesign and build from the ground up. Taking first place in a private drag racing series Keller stood the front end of the car up down the track hitting a top speed of 201.25 mph on the quarter mile. Took the record time and speed on the track. He has proven to be a very competent and amazing driver. I have purchased two vehicles for this event for Keller to race. Both of which are currently undergoing modifications for the event. A Porsche Carrera GT and a brand new Skyline GTR. We felt that we needed these two vehicles for this event to honor both men Walker and Rodas. Dates and locations are unknown at this time for the event but we will update this as we find out more information. We would jut like to end this by saying what an amazing impression both Paul Walker and Roger Rodas have made on many people and we thank you both for all that you have done. RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.
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