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Last Post 12 Feb 2014 07:53 PM by  IanT720
New guy, Need some advice!
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12 Feb 2014 07:53 PM

         Hi guy's I'm Ian 19 from outside of Ann Arbor Michigan, I want to get into the SCCA. However I'm lost as to what direction to go exactly... So more about me, I'm a state certified mechanic and work as one, soon to be ASE.  I built my 87 Fiero GT ground up, with a custom swapped 3800 Supercharged motor, Now I'm building and fabricating a turbo system to replace the blower, got a large cam installed, and many other mods to the car/drivetrain. This is my DD but I will definitely try track days, and AutoX...          

    My plan is to get into the custom business, besides obviously working at a custom shop (I've been interviewing) My goal is to have a shop in the near future, and racing will be hopefully a big part of that by using my cars as a form of advertising for my future shop, making connections, and gaining a reputation...

    The car I'm building to race this summer in the Chumpcar Series is an 86 Fiero V6 4 Speed, it will be caged, gutted, lowered, engine swapped with a 3.4, and made legal with all the race bits.. Seat, Fire system, Fuel Cell Etc... I have no racing experience so I figured building a cheap car and racing in the Chump Series would be best for starters..

    So question 1. Is Doing Chump a smart move?

    2. What class or Races would that race car be eligible in for SCCA?

    3. Any wheel to wheel events it would be legal in?

    4. Would I even have a chance if it gets classified as modified due to the 3.4 swap?

    5. Bottom line, I love racing, love cars, and love driving. And I want to advertise my future shop, and gain a reputation by running in the SCCA Wheel to Wheel events.  I'm not trying to be a professional driver (Though it would be sweet), and I don't have a fat wallet either, has anyone built a performance shop this way, and could chime in? Ie. Started hyping, and badging cars to build a network of connections, and customers before the said shop existed (Coupled with restoring cars on the side, and moving down south)? -Ian 


    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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