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Last Post 23 Feb 2014 11:52 AM by  ntsullivan
SoloMatters: 5 Reasons to Go: Blytheville ProSolo
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21 Feb 2014 08:36 PM


    Let's face it, Blytheville has gotten a bad rap. When it was a new stop on the Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Series, sure, people checked it out. However, resent years have seen challenging weather, difficult scheduling, an infamous course or two and as a result, attendance has dwindled. In short, Blytheville has become the event no one goes to because no one else is going either. This would be understandable if Blytheville deserved the rap, but it really doesn't. In fact, it is kinda awesome. So with a nod to Adam and Jamie, let us present the Myth Busted Edition of 5toGo.

    Myth Number 1: Blytheville sucks. As you roll into town, will you mistake it for a San Diego? Nope. Does it have a vibrant night life? Not really. How about a theme park for the family? Not that I have seen. So what does Blytheville have? MASSIVE amounts of concrete, ample hotel rooms, good places to eat and a Wal-Mart stocked with camp chairs, coolers, sprayers and whatever else you left at home. This isn't the most metropolitan stop on the tour, but it is a town that welcomes us like no other and has everything needed to host a top level event.

    Myth Number 2: The Courses are bad. Yes, there have been some unpopular courses in the past, but if you are concerned about the courses for this event, I have two words for you- Grady E. Wood. If the name Grady Wood doesn't mean anything to you here is what you need to know: Grady may very well be Solo's most interesting man, he likes to go fast, and he is one of the course designers for the Blytheville Pro. If you have never driven a Grady Wood course, you should. If the course design was, "go out, let Grady tell you a story, come back, finish" it would be still the best course you have ever driven.

    Myth Number 3: The Surface is weird. Blytheville has gotten a reputation as having a weird surface. While the grip levels will not pull tires off of wheels, the grip is more than enough to put grins on faces. Think of it as somewhere between asphalt and concrete, enough grip to be able to keep speed through sweepers, but not so much that you can't get a little slip in transitions. In other words, fun.

    Myth Number 4: There is no point. Some will say, no one else is going, what's the point? Well, the easiest way to bust this particular myth is to buck the trend and go. But, if you need something more than that, let the ProSolo points be the point. As the first round of the 2014 ProSolo Series, this is the first chance to put a score in the books and these points count just as much as those earned later in the season.

    Myth Number 5: Byltheville's weather is miserable. There is no disputing the brutality of summer in Arkansas. Hot turns to boiling and evening storms are anything but gentle. But this is spring, highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s and minimal chance of rain. Yes, Blytheville weather can be extreme, but for this weekend your expectation should be extremely pleasant.

    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    23 Feb 2014 10:23 AM
    I have been to Byltheville 3 times, I don't think it's to bad of a place. But March is way to early for me. My truck and trailer is surrounded by 2 feet of snow and it's not going anywhere soon, so I can't do any work to it and we don't even have a local event until the middle of April. So I think the SCCA made a big mistake in scheduling this so early in the year. Late April or May would be much better. Just my .02.
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    New Member

    23 Feb 2014 11:52 AM
    I plan on making my first trip to blytheville. None of the myths above will stop me from attending. Distance is the limiting factor and I'm only 5 hrs away so its a no brained.

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