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Last Post 03 Mar 2014 06:59 PM by  mtownneon
March 2014 RE's report
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03 Mar 2014 06:59 PM

    March 2014 RE Report

    I want to start things off this month by congratulating Pete Hylton for being inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame. Pete will be honored at the induction ceremony on Friday evening March 7th as part of the SCCA National Convention in Charlotte N.C. Pete Joined the SCCA and the Indianapolis Region in 1975 and has served SCCA and the Indianapolis Region in many capacities. Pete’s probably best known for his position as the SCCA’s historian. He took on the huge task of turning decades of rubble into one of the best archives of a racing sanctioning body in the United States. Pete tells the story of how it took several semis to truck in all of the club’s “archives” and how it filled an entire bank of storage buildings in Avon. He took this mountain of “stuff” and transformed it into a well organized history of the club. Pete is also one of the people responsible for creating the Hall of Fame to which he is being inducted. Pete served in several roles within the Region including R.E. and Race Chair among other positions. Pete has been a huge asset to the Region and the Hall of Fame honor is a fitting thank you for all he has done for the club. Pete, on behalf of the Indianapolis Region SCCA, congratulations and thank you for all you have done.

    The Board of Directors has taken the unpleasant task of ending the remaining component of what was once a vibrant Club Race program when it voted to not continue the Region’s Club Race Points system. Since the Club ceased hosting races in 2009, participation has steadily declined. In 2013, a total of two people participated in the program so the Board voted to end it for 2014. The Board also voted to suspend the Rally Cross program as well. What started out with much hope and support from membership has gone silent with the loss of a site to hold events as well as the lack of Safety Stewards and / or candidates willing to go through the process of becoming Safety Stewards. Without the Stewards, the Region can’t hold events even if a site is found. These developments are proof that without members willing to step up to volunteer their time and talents, programs wither and die.

    On the positive side, things in the active parts of the Region are looking good! Both Solo and Rally’s schedules are worked out and the planning of the actual events are under way. Both programs have some very cool events lined up for the season are going to be a ton of fun! On the Solo side, if you haven’t heard, the Indiana State Fairgrounds has allowed us access to host two events, one of which is a charity event for 2X2 Animal Rescue Foundation. We have teamed up with IndyRPM for this event as well as the car show / Solo event at the Indianapolis Speedrome. One of the Grissom Solo points events will be included as part of the SCCA Match Tour our Region is hosting. Another Grissom event will be the ever increasingly popular ‘Hoosier Challenge’ and there’s the potential of one of our Solo events being included on the Great Lakes Divisional Tour. We’re hosting an autocross event for One Lap of America again and there may be more to that day if negotiations with another group is successful. There is also discussion of a possible Solo school sometime over the summer. If that wasn’t enough, Dragcross is back with 3 dates this year at Grissom. The big news is that the Board has given approval to purchase a Christmas tree starting system which will make Dragcross more fun!

    Rally has been hard at work also with a full slate of events this year. Come early April we will be hosting the second Annual Car Club Challenge Rally. This was a huge success last year and if the chatter is any indication, this year’s event should be even bigger and better! By the way, you do realize that we’re a car club, right? We could have a team or two compete in the rally, right? Rally is also going to host an SCCA Rally National Tour again. Chuck and his crew could really use some extra help with this, so please help them. This is important to our Rally program and our Region so please help. And as always, the Drum’s Halloween Rally is a go! This Rally is a blast running around cemeteries and haunted houses just having a great time and maybe scaring yourself a little!

    Until next month, I’m livin’ the Club life!



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