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Last Post 17 Mar 2014 07:46 PM by  Q
2014 AutoX League (AXL) - Team Autocross @ CCSCC
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17 Mar 2014 07:46 PM

    Reposting this from the Midwest division:


    Hello Everyone!

    The Autox League (AXL), formally ICAXL from 2009-2010, is bringing back team-based autocross competition to the Central Illinois/Midwest region! This is a totally optional, totally unofficial competition that we will have going for drivers who are already participating in CCSCC's (Rantoul, IL) autox events. Events are run as completely normal autocross events, and there is nothing special you need to do outside of letting us know your team ahead of time.

    If you were around for ICAXL, which was our intercollegiate autox league, ran from 2009-2010, you know the basic drill - team up with fellow drivers, add up team PAX results, and the team with the lowest total value wins the event. Each team that participates will be awarded a certain amount of Points and team with the most points will be the season champion!


    Here is a basic breakdown of the Rules, which can also be found on the website:

    • Driver teams may consist of anywhere from 3 to 5 drivers. Having more than 3 drivers may be beneficial if you are uncertain that each driver can make every AXL sponsored event
    • Although each team may have 5 drivers, only the fastest times of the fastest three drivers will be used
    • These times will be compiled based on the 2014 PAX system of the appropriate year
    • Teams can be formulated in any manner they wish. i.e. teams will not be restricted based on region, class, skill level, etc. While teams may group together in any manner they wish, we encourage drivers to team up with people they may not have otherwise gotten to know – this only increases the fellowship aspect of the sport.
    • Drivers may be dropped mid-season, but may not be added. If a team needs a driver to be dropped, please contact us regarding the specific circumstance.
    • Teams can join mid-season; however, chances of winning the league mid-season are most likely slim (though placing on the podium may be doable, depending on the teams skill level).
    • Teams may be distinguished as ‘pro’ teams depending on the caliber of the team and the other competition. This will not be done for the first year of the league (2014).
    • At the first AXL sponsored event of the year, teams will be allowed to form on the spot, and points will be counted starting from the first event
    • If teams build on the spot at an event at any event other than the first event, they may run as a team, but their points will not begin accumulating until the following event

    Our Schedule is as follows:
    1. 3/29/2014 – CCSCC @ Rantoul
    2. 4/12/2014 – CCSCC @ Rantoul
    3. 6/21/2014 – CCSCC @ Rantoul
    4. 7/19/2014 – CCSCC @ Rantoul
    5. 9/20/2014 – CCSCC @ Rantoul

    Please e-mail 


     if you are interested. Once we have your team members, team name, and info, we will post it all on the website and throw in whatever blurb you want us to.



    For additional information, please feel free to take a look at the website,


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