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Last Post 02 Apr 2014 02:03 PM by  mtownneon
April 2014 RE's Report
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02 Apr 2014 02:03 PM

    April 2014 RE’s Report

    I want to thank Lou Byer for all the hard work he puts in on making Clutch Chatter the best Region newsletter out there. He has to herd cats to get all the articles together and deal with the cast of characters who write the articles. Thank you.

    April 5th is the Car Club Challenge road rally. This was a big success for Rally last year and hopefully this year’s event will be even better. I’ve entered, have you?

    SCCA National Convention was a great experience. I learned a lot and it rejuvenated me. The highlight of the National Convention is the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. As I mentioned last month, one of our own, Pete Hylton, was inducted. Other inductees were: racers Dan Gurney, and Bob Bondurant, inventors of the HANS device Jim Downing and Dr. Bob Hubbard, as well as Kathy Barnes. Pete accepted his honor dressed in a kilt. He gave a very moving acceptance speech where he also announced he had accepted a professorship in England near Scotland. Good luck Pete in your future endeavors and thank you for all you have done for us here in the Indy Region and SCCA in general.

    One of the things that I walked away from National Convention with is a renewed interest in guiding our Region in starting a Time Trial program. Time Trial has gone through some major changes for 2014 with emphasis being making it easier for Regions to host Time Trial events.  The first thing they’ve done is completely re-write and simplify their rule book. What used to be a confusing and many times contradictory tome is now a short, concise read. They’ve made changes to how the events are officiated to make it easier to work with other organizations and track owners. As matter of fact, to a road course isn’t even needed. Also Regions are free to mix and match Time Trial programs. A PDX at a Hill Climb can be done! I’ve been studying the possibilities and have started to reach out to members to make Time Trial a reality in our Region. If you are interested in helping, please contact me at:

    Don’t forget that Solo gets started in April also. We have a 2 day Test and Tune at Grissom on April 18th and 19th. Each day is limited to 30 cars so get registered or risk missing out. Then on the 27th is Solo’s first event at a new venue, the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Then the following weekend, May 3rd and 4th, we have a couple of neat events happening at Grissom. On the 3rd, we have once again been asked to host an autocross for One Lap of America. This is our 3rd time doing this and it’s becoming a staple of One Lap. We could use help at this event so if you want to see some really cool cars in action, contact Raleigh Boreen at:  Then the next day we are holding our first Dragcross of the year. We are hoping to have our drag race Christmas tree in by this event which will add to the fun! If you haven’t participated in a Dragcross, come out and try it, it’s a bunch of fun and you get a lot of seat time.

    Until next month,


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