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Last Post 05 Apr 2014 08:24 PM by  mtownneon
2014 Dragcross! Rules
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05 Apr 2014 08:22 PM
    Drag/Cross rules

    All SCCA Solo rules are in effect except as explained below:


    The event has two parts: Qualifying and Eliminations.
    Qualifying will be four runs, two on each course. Cones will count for two seconds added to the time per cone. Missed gates or sections of the course will result in a DNF (Did Not Finish) for that run and a time of 999.999 will be given. Qualifying time will be the total of the adding together the best qualifying time from each lane. Qualifying determines place on ladder for eliminations.

    Eliminations will be a ladder format. Example: Ladders will be split into run eliminators consisting of eight or sixteen cars per group depending on number of car entered in the event. Eliminator one would consist of cars qualified one through eight or sixteen, eliminator two, nine or seventeen thru sixteen or thirty two, etc. Any competitors that fall into the lowest eliminator that cannot create either an eight or sixteen car ladder will be added to the first round loser eliminator. Each eliminator will ladder drivers this way: Example- a sixteen car ladder would ladder one -vs- sixteen, two -vs- fifteen, etc. Each eliminator group will produce one “winner” and the winner of each run group will race each other for Top Eliminator of the event. First round losers will compete in a consolation eliminator that will be laddered randomly. Hit cones or missed gates are a disqualification and automatic loss. Each pairing in each round will make a run in each lane. The round winner is the competitor with the fastest combined time from the two runs. Eliminators will be run “heads up” (no handicapping) and the Finale will be run handicapped.

    Handicapping will be used in the finale only unless otherwise directed by event officials. Handicapping can be instituted for any eliminator at official’s discression. If an eliminator is to be run handicapped, it must be announced before eliminations begin. Handicapping cannot be implemented once eliminations have begun. The handicap will be the difference between the times of the competitors from their eliminator final winning time. Example: competitor A has a time of 60 seconds and competitor B has a time of 50 seconds. The difference of 10 seconds will be subtracted from competitors A’s time in that round.

    Cone Penalties in qualifying will follow normal SCCA Solo rules. In eliminations, any hit cones will result in a DQ.

    Bye Runs must be run and all penalties are enforced.

    Starting Procedure will be by electronic start or arm drop. Starter will determine jump starts. Starter is final word on jump starts. Jumping the start = DQ. Drivers are to leave immediately on the drop of the starter’s arms. Once first driver leaves, T&S will manually start the opposite lane’s timer if other driver doesn’t respond to the starter.

    Starter’s Procedure: Starter will line up cars on the starting line. Starter will gain the attention by standing in the starter’s position and pointing to each driver. Each driver must respond to the starter by nodding their head. Starter will raise arms above their head and hold them there. At the starter’s discression, he / she will drop his / her arms signaling the start of the race.

    Re-runs will only be granted if both drivers have clean runs. Jump starts, cone calls, and DNFs override a re-run situation.

    Red Flag Procedure: If a red flag is called, then both courses are red flagged. If a red flag is due to the result of a disqualifying infraction, the opposite side automatically wins. If the red flag is for a situation other than a disqualifying infraction, the race is re-run.

    Trophies will be awarded for Eliminator Group winners, and Top Eliminator.

    Two driver cars: Two driver cars are discouraged but if two drivers in the same car meet in eliminations then each driver will make their runs for that round and the faster time moves on.

    Sandbagging: Any driver suspected of sandbagging will be disqualified and ejected from the event. Multiple DQ’s for sandbagging at future events will result in the driver banned from any future Dragcross events and the car banned from Dragcross events permanently. Determination of sandbagging will be made by the event chair and timing and scoring personnel only. Their decision is final and binding. This is supposed to be fun so don’t suck the fun out of it by cheating! After all, all that’s on the line is a $5 trophy!


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    05 Apr 2014 08:24 PM
    Also for 2014 we have ordered a Christmas tree starting system from Port-A-Tree so we will have electronic starts at Dragcross! events this year!
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