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Last Post 14 Apr 2014 06:58 PM by  mtownneon
2014 Indy Region Media Rules
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14 Apr 2014 06:58 PM

    We've developed a set of "Media Rules" so we can have a clear understanding of what's expected of entities who come of their own accord to record our events. There has been a lot of problems from trying to find contacts for people who photograph our events to people demanding compensation from the Region for requesting photos for Region purposes. The rules are as follows:

    2014 Indianapolis Region SCCA Media Rules
    Purpose: To regulate media access to all Indianapolis Region SCCA events and protect the intellectual property of the Region. Any person or entity who records Indianapolis Region SCCA events for commercial purposes must get permission from an appointed representative of the Indianapolis Region SCCA.

    The Indianapolis Region SCCA agrees to the following:
    1) The media entity / person is free to market their images to others
    2) The Indianapolis Region SCCA will not sell images. The Region retains the right to supply images free of charge for the purposes of promoting region activities, creating promotional materials, trophies, awards.
    3) The Indianapolis Region SCCA will provide advertising in its official publication, ‘Clutch Chatter’ and provide links to the media entity / person’s website from the Regions website for the purpose of members viewing and wishing to purchase images for personal use.
    4) The media entity / person photos will receive recognition when used. Images used in publications and on promotional materials will be recognized in those publications and promotional materials. Verbal recognition and/or recognition in programs will be in lieu of recognition on awards or trophies.

    To obtain permission the following must be agreed to:
    1) The Indianapolis Region SCCA retains rights to all media images.
    2) The media entity / person agrees to make available all images recorded free of charge to the Indianapolis Region SCCA on demand.
    3) The media entity / person agrees to supply labor free of charge and any materials at cost to the Indianapolis Region SCCA for any printed or hard recorded images.
    4) The media entity / person must have filled out and signed the Media Rules form and verify it is filed with the proper Indianapolis Region SCCA official.

    A media entity / person is considered to be anyone who engages in recording images with the purpose of marketing said images for profit. Anyone who wishes to record images in any “hot” area of an Indianapolis Region SCCA event is considered by the Region to be a media entity / person. “Hot” areas are considered to be anywhere at an event outside of designated spectator areas and the paddock. Anyone asking for a spotter to record images on or near the course is considered a media entity / person and must agree to these regulations. Any person with “professional level” media recording equipment is considered a media entity / person and is subject to the Indianapolis Region SCCA Media rules.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in the media entity / person being told to cease using recording equipment at the event until a media rule release form has been filled out or they will be told to store their equipment for the remainder of the event. Failure to comply will result in being told leave immediately and will be barred from possessing media recording equipment while at any future Indianapolis Region SCCA events. Multiple infractions will lead to the media entity / person being barred from all Indianapolis Region SCCA events. The Indianapolis Region SCCA reserves the right to revoke media privileges at any time for any reason.

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