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Last Post 14 May 2014 02:19 AM by  TeamRX8
Exhasust termination point and side pipe exaust questions
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Der Wankel
New Member
New Member

03 May 2014 01:32 PM

    I have limited space in/under my car and would like to use the space previously occupied by exhaust/muffler for Charge Air Cooler components.  I see rules governing exhaust as below.

    15.10.I. Exhaust manifolds and muffler systems are free, except that they

    must be quiet and terminate behind the driver (Section 3.3.3.B.15).

    3.3.3.B.15) Exhaust must exit behind the driver or exit to the side of the car.

    First off, which is it?  Must the exhaust exit behind the driver or may it exit to the side of the car in front of the driver?


    Secondly, If exhaust must exit behind the driver- I would like to use side pipe exhausts below the doors/rocker panels, but would this be construed as being in conflict with the below bodywork regulations?


    15.2.I. Spoilers/splitters and cosmetic trim pieces are permitted. Side skirts may not be used.

         By necessity of desired cross section area and space constraints the side pipes would be likely be 2" tall by 6" wide (wider if it ends up requiring muffling) and rectangular.  I could see how they are starting to look like they would function as (not allowed) side skirts.

    What say ye, fellow Street Prepared competitors?

    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    05 May 2014 10:54 AM

    Write a letter. I don't believe the intention in SP is to make the exhaust outlet more restrictive, but today to the letter of the rules, it seems to be that way.

    As to "are my side pipes actually side skirts", I think that's going to be something that will be very specific to your particular car and your particular solution to side pipes. I would be surprised if you get a general "yes or no" answer on that one. If you want, write a letter with your proposed design sketched / described in as much detail as possible. If it were me, I'd work hard to make sure that nobody would reasonably call my side pipes side skirts.

    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    14 May 2014 02:19 AM
    don't listen to the robot reading from a template where the first item on the list is to tell someone to write a letter :-p

    it's rather simple really:

    3.3.3.B.15 is a generic safety inspection requirement

    in SP regardless of where it exits it must exit behind the driver as per 15.10.I

    it cant be a side skirt and even if you tried to make it one all you'll do is add weight unnecessarily since 15.10.I won't allow it to extend the full length
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