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Last Post 04 May 2014 10:34 PM by  zexel
Amod for sale
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04 May 2014 10:34 PM

    Not mine, seen on another forum:

    Bandit Hill Climb/A-Mod Autocross car for sale

    1982 BANDIT Hill Climb Special/Autocross Car FOR SALE

    "BANDIT", Mazda13B ported rotary powered, mid-engine, winged, single
    seat hill climb /autocross car. Built and campaigned by Ohio's Jerry Kieft, 

    "Bandit" became the car to beat in the PA/NC hill climb scene during the '80s and
    early '90s, and accumulated a stack of FTD trophies, including the current 
    hill record holder at Chimney Rock Hill climb. It also holds the PHA class 
    record at (old) Pagoda, Giants Despair, and Jefferson. In 2011 I bought it and
    spent a lot of money and effort bringing it up to date in the safety area.
    It now passes PHA's stiff tech requirements, which are tougher than the
    SCCA's. Bandit is a ferociously fast, 1200 lb. car with corner down force 
    from its 3 element front and rear wings that has to be experienced to be believed. 

    Runs on Atlantic tires and has a 51 IDA Weber Carb. Brand new FIA Belts good to 

    I have had many Great moments in this car, one of the best was a class 
    record at Jefferson, and the 2011 S-2 Class Championship, finishing 7th 
    overall for 2011. I am retiring from the sport and am offering it for sale.
    This is a very competitive car and is ready for some serious competition.

    Spares: Car Cover, transponder, oil filters, fuel filter, Rev limiter, 
    extra jets, Carb. Gaskets, and other Misc. items. Current Log Books, and 
    lots of pictures and documentation.

    I can forward pictures if interested. PRICE: $8950. Contact at
    P.S. Don't waste my time if you are not interested. I also never liked "lets make a deal" on TV!
    I also have trailer and Pit Bike listed under trailers for sale. Will sell both together for reduced price.
    The car fits the trailer like a glove.


    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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