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Last Post 13 May 2014 06:06 PM by  Paul V
StartingLine School - Saturday 5/31/14
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07 May 2014 01:08 PM

    We are hosting another SL school this year. There are some changes from last year, we have been asked to have a few locals there to interact with the students. Volunteers will guide them thru the 2nd half of the day as it will run as a mock NYR event.

     We also have a few odds and ends that need to get done on some of the equipment. If anyone is interested in learning other work functions during an event, this would be a good low stress/low consequence day to to do that. So if you are interested in learning Timing & Scoring, Start, doing Grid well this day would be it.

    Volunteers don't have to be here the entire day, that availability helps, but there is enough going on that a few hours of your time will be a help. Like a regular event, we will be there at 7, but Tech starts early, 7:45.

    If you know of someone who may be interested in getting into autoX here is the registration link.


     Here's Heyward's letter:

    Hello New York!

    I wanted to reach out as I am looking for 6 volunteers to help out with the Starting Line School, on May 31st.  The purpose of this school is to help new autocrossers get up to speed in all aspects of the sport.  To do this, it is helpful to have some folks on deck who can help smooth the flow of the event, answer questions and coach course work.  In exchange for this, I am able to offer you lunch, a hat and a chance to take some fun-runs to show the new guys what this is all about. 

    Here is a run down of the day and what to expect:

    Pre-Event: 7:00am- 8:30am
    I would like to have a volunteer meeting at 7:15.  From there we will need some help with morning course set up (Instructors will design), Tech, waivers and meet and greet before the drivers meeting at 8:30.  For the most part, this time should be low-key and easy with a focus on making the new folks feel welcome.  This is also the appropriate time to unload/prepare your car for afternoon runs as, once we get going, time is limited.

    Morning Sessions: 8:30-12:30
    During the morning we use two modules, The first is a slalom school and the second is a oval course.  Ideally, we have 3 volunteers on each- 2 of these will man the worker stations, making sure folks are understanding the concepts.  The third person will manage the grid.  In both of these tasks, there is ample opportunity to chat with folks about the sport, classing, etc.

    Lunch: 12:00-1:30
    The time between noon and 1:30 is the most challenging part of the day.  One of the goals of the program is to present an afternoon course that is reflective of what the region normally does.  As such, it is highly beneficial that someone from the region leads the design effort.  To do this, we will pull the volunteers from the morning sessions at noon so they can eat before the students (morning sessions typically end at 12:30).  This will hopefully allow for a course to be set up and ready to walk by 1:00.  Instructors will be leading a course walking lesson at 1:00, but can also help with marking cones during this time.  This course absolutely can be simple and short- something in the 30-40 second range is perfect.  If it eases things, we can also utilize a course design, in full or in part, from an previous event.

    Afternoon Sessions: 1:30-4:30
    In the afternoon session, the students will be divided into 2 groups, 1 will work, the other will run and then swap.  We will also divide the volunteers and putting 3 in each group.  When your group is working, I would like for the volunteers to serve as corner captains and coach the students on course work- this basically means making sure they get cones back in the boxes, explaining red flags, etc.  For the volunteers, this should not be a "running after cones" position. 

    When your group is running, students are subdivided into two groups, one group is being worked with by instructors and the other is basically standing around.  Volunteers are invited to use this time to get some runs in and are encouraged to offer ride-alongs to the available students.  You should expect to get 5-10 runs on the course. 

    As a final point, while I want this to be a fun day for everyone on site, the ultimate goal is to provide an experience that inspires new people to come back.  To be successful, we need to present our sport and club as a positive environment and we need to keep our focus on the student experience.  I would ask that you come into this mindful of both points.

    I truly appreciate any help you are able to offer.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me at heyward@SCCAStartingLine.com.

    Paul V
    New Member
    New Member

    13 May 2014 06:06 PM
    Jon, I will be there if you need any help.
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