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Iowa Challenge results after event #1
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01 Jun 2014 09:42 PM

    The Iowa Region kicked some butt today. Iowa 121, DMVR 69, GRR 0

    Jeff Christianson 19 Iowa

    Chris Miller 18 DMVR

    Bryan Packingham 17 Iowa

    Mike Holzinger 16 Iowa

    Jeremy Ellerby 15 Iowa

    Mike Bronson 14 DMVR

    Aaron Breitbach 13 Iowa

    David Price 12 Iowa

    Michael Phelps 11 DMVR

    Randy Sams 10 DMVR

    Jeff Ellerby 9 Iowa

    Carl Kirkegaard 8 Iowa

    Jared Gould 7 Iowa

    Kyle Nilson 6 DMVR

    Kyle Dickinson 5 DMVR

    Carson Downing 4 Iowa

    Patrick Thull 3 DMVR

    Luke McKee 2 DMVR

    David Capesius 1 Iowa

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