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Last Post 20 Jun 2014 12:28 PM by  Mrsideways
Volvo S60 T6 allowed in GS?!?
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New Member
New Member

12 Jun 2014 01:15 PM

    There is no way this can be right. A 6 cylinder AWD Turbo car under 4,000 lbs competing against things like non-tubro mazda6's, altima's, sentra's, and non-turbo imprezza's. Looking at the specs for the Volvo I can't imagine it being classed anything less than ES. 

    Looking in DS and seeing very close competitors for the Volvo like the Mazdaspeed6, Eagle Talon AWD, Eclipse GSX, Audi TT quattro makes me think it probably belongs here in DS.

    Does anyone know the reasoning behind this beast being placed in such a low level class?

    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    12 Jun 2014 04:35 PM
    Searching here would have likely answered your question. Actual performance is the answer.
    New Member
    New Member

    13 Jun 2014 05:13 AM
    This question has already been answered, even with the one guy trying the Volvo chiming in. To expand on Tom's point, it's a filthy, heavy pig with lots of undefeatable electro-nannies, and some undesirable/un-correctable handling traits. It is not a threat. No different really than the Acura TL or Maxima, which are also GS cars. There is only one competitive GS car that weighs more than 3000lbs, and that's the Focus ST. The Volvo is something like 600 lbs heavier than that car, and on narrower wheels, iirc.
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    20 Jun 2014 12:28 PM

    I ran mine at the Dixie Tour and Finished 2nd behind the current national Champion by .1 second. It's not that it's uncompetitive in GS it's that it fits right in. It has some traits that you can't really solve but the positives make up for it. I'm fairly certain it's quicker then a Focus ST. From doing some back to back on a test day with preped Fiesta ST on a handling course it was about .6 faster then the FiST on a 30 second course with both of us jumping in each others car. I wish I could go to Nationals But It isn't looking like I can get the time off work. I was hoping we could run it for a podium. You do need to drive it just right to keep the Nannies from slowing it down a bunch. I've been learning as I've been driving it how to drive around the nannies and keep em from grabbing the rear brakes on you. I think the OE shocks are crap. I was going to try to solve that before nationals if I could have gone. 

    Video of it from the Dixie Tour. 

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