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Last Post 08 Aug 2014 05:54 PM by  E-man
FS; 2 (two) 1994 Miata R's (Package)
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miata 94 R

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26 Jul 2014 10:36 AM

    I have two 1994 Miata R's that am am selling together - not interested in selling them separately.

    First one, a daily driver (mostly) for the past 13 years. No Rust, basically solid, but with 175k miles. Faded cheap spray paint job, buff it up and look like a hero. It was prepped for ES a while ago, it has a front swaybay (racing beat?) with solid heim-jointed endlinks, the mazda racing ES-approved sway bar brackets installed. and it has a set of re-valved Bilsteins (lot of compression and stock rebound). Issues, carpet worn on drivers sides, trim pieces on windows have had the vinyl wear away and the metal piece has surface rust, top is sound has a small 1-inch separation (almost hairline-ish in the center/bottom of the plastic window. I rarely put the top down so it is still in decent shape.  Missing trunk springs/support that keep the trunk up and some minor trim pin there. Main issue - front suspension needs work balljoint/shock ? Not sure. Basically this can be a solid daily driver with a little wrench work or autocross the daylights out it. I bought it from the original owner. Has the loud but very cool sounding Mazda Comp cat-back.

    Second car - bought it on sccaforums a while back from a guy in Arizona. This thing is probably as good as a 94 Miata R gets these days. 45k, I haven't driven it since I got it, it sits in garage. Stock except it has Konis. 

    All the miata crap I have goes with these two: I have two sets of the forged bbs 14" miata wheels. One set was on a daily driver from the guy I bought it from, has some rash, other set is very nice and has 225 soft compound R tires which were never used and probably in funky shape by now. Hey try to revitalize them.

    I have at least sets of R-package bilstein on the side. One is the stock from the Arizona car, the other is fresh revalved bilsteins from their rebuild center. I might also have a set of bilsteins from the 99 cars.

    I have a set of 93-ish springs and a stock r-model 94 front swaybar.

    If you know how to wrench a little and have time to sell the parts, you can easily make a bunch. I have no time for this. Too lazy to take pics. Come see, bring cash. North NJ.

    $6000 (Firm), first come first serve.

    email with your cell




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    08 Aug 2014 05:54 PM
    PM sent as no email address provided.

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