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Last Post 12 Aug 2014 08:02 PM by  conevadr
Wilmington Champ Tour PAX/RTP Index Results
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Basic Member

12 Aug 2014 04:11 PM
Just my observation:
I think PAX provides a pretty good standard/ baseline for comparing cars within their categories. Looking at the Tour results for ST*, you have the top 10 within less than a second, and 2-12 within .3. For the "Street" category, 1-10 falls within .8. I'd contend that's on par with same level of variance found within each class (i.e. Lotus vs Corvette vs GT3 in SSR).

If we unscientifically apply a handicap (say 4%) to the Street and ST categories, you end up with White, Cathers, Braun, and O'Gorman all seperated by .190, and I would say those are 4 top notch drivers, even to the point that the course may have favored SM and SSP cars (with a few big power sectors). I wonder how the same kind of handicap (say 3-4%) would apply to other concrete sites.

Basic Member

Basic Member

12 Aug 2014 08:02 PM

Agreed that a debt of gratitude is owed to RR for his efforts in preparing PAX for our consumption.


Also agreed that pax works better when compared within same category, but not as much when comparing between categories, especially when Street is involved, especially on concrete.


I've been tracking participation and pax success at the Champ Tours this season.  The results show that the Stock category competitors represent 5% of the total event participants this season, two-thirds of that is SSR.  Within Stock, 35% of the competitors reached the top50 on pax for that event.  Street is at the other end of the scale with 23% of the total participation and 7% of the Street competitors reaching the top50.


George M

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