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Last Post 18 Nov 2014 09:32 PM by  franksterz
Track Side Equipment Transportation
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New Member

New Member

11 Nov 2014 03:39 PM

    Hey all! 

    Im an Industrial Design student and I’m working on a project designing bags/backpack/carrying equipment. Im messing around with the idea of designing a bag that would be used to carry a simple mechanics tool set, torque wrenchpliers, and compartments for hardware and fittings and all sorts of things you would need at an event to work on your track vehicle. The goal of it would be to increase the convenience and comfort of carrying your stuff with you on site without having to lug around the tool boxes if there is no need. Im looking for some insight and experience with you and your tools on the track. This would be geared more towards the enthusiast rather than professional, because I feel that the pros have the means to carry their snazzy snap-on box with them and their set ups are higher complexity. 

    The concept would be a spin off of the conventional tool roll :

    and a mechanics bag: 

    The concept would be worn like a backpack but open up like the tool roll. It would also contain space for various other items. 

    1. What are the most common tools used when not at home.

    2. What other large items do they carry 

    3. if it is a backpack, what types of material have you had trouble with in the past as a backpack at the track?

    Thank you 



    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    12 Nov 2014 05:52 PM
    Pure backpacks might not be the best solution. Once you start carry a bunch of tools you can be in for some serious weight. I would think that a rolling duffel might be a better solution.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    14 Nov 2014 07:34 PM
    agreed i wouldn't do a backpack, it only needs to be put in the trunk or tire trailer box and then on the bench at home not carried around. You not only need the basic tools, but a few basic supplies. Duck tape, fuses, zip ties maybe wire connectors/splices.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    15 Nov 2014 06:37 PM
    I have to point out the hidden irony that the only two people to respond to this both own Lotus 7's. Coincidence?????

    New Member

    New Member

    18 Nov 2014 09:32 PM
    Awesome thank you for the replies, those were all great. I can definitely agree with the weight issue and will come up with a rolling concept.

    From your guys experience, what tools would you put the most importance in? This is a basic list I’ve come up with so far :
    3/8th Ratchet
    Shallow sockets
    Deep Sockets
    Torque Wrench
    Drill Bits
    Screw Driver Set (Phillips & Flat)
    Misc. Hardware (Nut, Washers, etc.)
    Duck tape
    Zip Ties
    Wire connectors / Splices.
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