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Last Post 19 Jan 2015 06:55 PM by  JimmyNX
Rear Rocker Arm/Cantilever Suspension Design
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19 Jan 2015 06:55 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I have been toying with the idea of converting my rear suspension in my Datsun 510 to a rocker arm/cantilever style rear suspension.

    I am looking for anyone to point me in the right direction as far as reading material ( an actually book would be nice ), however I am open to anyone helping me out on this thread as well.

    The Datsun 510 utilizes a semi rear trailing arm suspension, where it is prone to camber/toe changes over bump travel. There are some interesting fixes, mainly altering the control arm mounting/pivot points.

    I can tell you that my rear subframe/control arms all have mono ball connections, and the crossmember is "slotted" to provide adjustment. This is a common modification for the 510 IRS.

    The car gets "custom" with the way the rear coil overs have been done. The swing arms have been modified to accept a double bearing end Koni 30 series shock ( 30-9325- New p/n is 30-1308). The shocks are coil overs and I can comment that the car is very stiff in the rear. This was a common thing to do during the “era” the car was originally built ( late 80’s early 90s), and of course the side effect is throw and catch type of car (wee).

    Besides being able to say I have an adult version of an erector set in the trunk of my race car, I can say that my decision to wonder about doing this conversion is cost related:
    Shock prices could be considerable cheaper
    I can hopefully gain more tire clearance.
    Shocks will be easier to adjust to compensate for surface types and general tuning.

    I have taken a very close look at Chris Dorsey’s ( great guy btw ) Corolla and think that I could mimic his setup reasonably. I am also wondering how easily my current mounting setup could be converted to run this rocker arm/cantilever type setup.

    I have attached some image of my cars current rear suspension mounting points inside the trunk.

    Thanks for looking, and I look forward to any and all advice!


    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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