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Last Post 17 Feb 2015 01:03 PM by  dedler
DeLorean Rims for Sale
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17 Feb 2015 01:03 PM
    I am selling a set of re-painted OEM DeLorean Wheels (Rims+caps and Tires). The wheels were professionally re-painted with a durable polyurethane paint and look absolutely spectacular! the rims are easily 9/10 condition - you will be hard pressed to find a better looking set of wheels! To my knowledge, the wheels are in 10/10 working condition, there is no visible evidence of damage or repairs. I used these wheels for display purposes, the previous owner I bought these wheels from said he drove on them regularly and had no issues.

    The wheels come with street-legal Nitto Drag Radials with decent tread, these tires look really nice on the rims, and look good on the DeLorean, they are fairly large and fill-out the wheel arches nicely. the front rims have 205/55R14 tires and the rear rims have 275/60R15 tires - I was told these wheels were running well without any wheel well rubbing on a stock US-spec DMC-12.

    The wheels are located in Brooklyn, NY, buyer must pick up wheels.

    Here are the specs on wheels
    Front wheels are 14x6 and rears are 15x8

    Stock Front 14x6 Wheel
    Calculated Offset (in/mm)*: 1.375/34.925 rounded 35mm
    Backspace (in/mm): 4.875/123.825 rounded 124mm
    Weight (lbs/kilograms): 18.02/8.173735
    Measured Outside Width (in/mm): 7/177.8 rounded 178mm
    Center Bore: 72.1mm

    Stock Rear 15x8 Wheel
    Calculated Offset (in/mm)*: .75/19.05 rounded 19mm
    Backspace (in/mm): 5.25/133.35 rounded 133mm**
    Weight (lbs/kilograms): 22.20/10.06975
    Measured Outside Width (in/mm): 9/228.6 rounded 229mm
    Center Bore: 72.1mm
    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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