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Last Post 18 Jul 2016 12:51 PM by  fstclyz
Supercharged Exomotive Exocet Sport - Track ready!
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23 May 2015 07:54 PM

    [B]Blackbox Motorsport Exomotive Exocet [/B]- 263whp @ 9.5 psi - 1,515lbs w/ full tank - Power-weight ratio: 5.76:1 - 1.8+ lateral g's

    [B]Reference lap times:[/B] 1:56.2 @ Buttonwillow 13CW - 1:21.7 @ Streets of Willow Springs CCW - 1:29.1 @ Willow Springs (WSIR)

    [URL="[email protected]/sets/72157652953984735

    Well over $40k of parts and 300+ hours of assembly and testing invested in this build with very low run hours on all components. Starts with the first turn of the key. Thoroughly sorted and ready for track time!

    [B]Asking $33,500

    Tandem axle trailer available for an additional $2,000

    Car is in Southern California/Los Angeles

    Call or text 949.464.7602

    Email: [email][email protected][/email]

    Exomotive Exocet Sport kit (purchased Mar. '14)[/B] Additional passenger diagonal roll bar bracing - Wing mount kit for CoT wing setup - Domex shock spacer mounts - "80% chrome" chassis coating and "fine textured wrinkle black" aluminum panel finishing from Industrial Powder Coatings - M6 nut-sert fasteners for quick transmission tunnel removal with nickel plated Grade-8 hardware

    [B]Donor components from 2000 Mazda Miata:[/B] Subframes, control arms, uprights, and steering rack - Electronics and wiring harness - Fuel tank assembly - Pedal box and steering column - Brake and clutch hydraulic assemblies

    [B]Engine:[/B] Mazda BP5A 1.8L Japanese engine - Jackson Racing Rotrex C30-74 supercharger - BP5A ECU with Jackson Racing fuel management (tuned @ Church's Automotive Testing) - Deatschwerks DW200 fuel pump - Denso 280cc injectors flow tested at RC Engineering - New OEM Mazda fuel filter - Denso IK22 Iridium spark plugs for Rotrex/F.I. - ITG Maxogen JC60/73 aluminum velocity stack air filter - Hytech Racing stainless exhaust system - SuperMiata urethane exhaust hangers - AWR Racing engine mounts (70 durometer) - BP6D 80 amp alternator - Gates Racing supercharger, timing, and alternator belts

    [B]Drivetrain:[/B] O.S. Giken Super-Single 225mm race clutch - ARP flywheel hardware - MiataRoadster straight-shot clutch line - O.S. Giken Super-Lock limited slip differential (assembled by Unitrax - official O.S. Giken assembler) - Mazdaspeed differential housing - Mazdaspeed driveshaft and axle set - 4.30 final drive ratio ring and pinion gear set - MiataRoadster Delrin differential mount kit

    [B]Cooling:[/B] Ron Davis cross-flow aluminum radiator - Custom one-piece intercooler setup (minimum charge length and volume, achieving lower than ambient IAT's) - Setrab 13 row engine oil cooler - Setrab 10 row supercharger traction fluid cooler - Mocal thermostatic oil sandwich plate - XRP 120° -10 AN fittings (x2) - XRP 90° -10 AN fittings (x2) - Aeroquip -10 AN - M22 adapters (x4) - Aeroquip AQP socketless oil hose - Moroso coolant overflow tank - Moroso oil catch can/breather tank with -6 AN line - HPS coolant hoses - Stant Racing high pressure radiator cap - Jackson Racing 160° low-temp thermostat - Oetiker stepless self-tensioning coolant hose clamps (x8) - Norma intercooler coupler clamps - Thermo-tec Multi-layer heat barrier transmission tunnel insulation (cool to the touch even after a full-tilt track session)

    [B]Suspension:[/B] 949 Racing XIDA Clubsport monotube dampers with 550F/350R spring rates and helper springs - AWR Racing Delrin control arm bushings - SuperMiata endlinks - Beatrush PPF/differential brace - New OEM Mazda wheel bearings (x4), tie rods/tie rod ends (x2), and alignment bolts (x8)

    [B]Brakes: [/B]Carbotech Racing pads XP12 Front / XP10 Rear - Centric Rotors F/R - Stoptech stainless brake lines F/R - Wilwood proportioning valve - Project Mu Racing brake fluid - New Mazda pad hardware F/R - Custom brake hard lines

    [B]Wheels/Tires:[/B] PANASPORT C8 13x9 3-piece racing wheels (4.4kg each!) - Four sets of Hankook Ventus F200 C90 compound 210/570/13 racing slicks - Custom machined hub-centric wheel spacers - ARP extended wheel studs - 949 Racing lug nuts (machined finish)

    [B]Safety/Cockpit/Controls:[/B] Kirkey Racing 58 series aluminum racing seats (professionally mirror polished, pad set included) - G-Force 5 point harnesses - MiataRoadster medium length slim short shifter kit - Tech Toy Tuning JGTC shift knob - Custom machined wheel hub - NRG quick release - I-O port back braces

    [B]Miscellaneous: [/B]Odyssey PC680 Racing battery and powdercoated mounting case - Pegasus "Afterburner" LED high-visibility brake light - Joe's Racing aluminum side mirrors - Project-G oil filler cap - Project-G oil dipstick pull - Mazdaspeed ignition wires - Powdercoated black fine texture valve cover - Chrome valve cover bolts

    [B]Maintenance/New:[/B] Water pump and gaskets - Idler and tensioner pulleys - F/R crankshaft main seals - Camshaft seals - Valve cover gasket - Hoses and vacuum lines - Pilot and throw out bearings - Motul 300V 5W40 engine oil - Motul Gear 300 75W90 transmission fluid - O.S. Giken 80W250 limited slip fluid


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    [URL=""]Top Speed Exocet review[/URL]


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    18 Jul 2016 12:51 PM
    Did this sell?
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