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Last Post 01 Jul 2015 05:40 AM by  sjfehr
Best Tire for STS Miata
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New Member

30 Jun 2015 10:37 PM
    I'm tired of beating on my daily driver, a 2015 Audi S3 that I am currently running in ASP because of my APR stage 2 tune. That being said, I'm buying a friends fully prepped STS Miata.

    I ran a 50.1 in my S3 at the last event, while the owner of this miata ran a 50.07. He let me do two fun runs in it, and I ran a 52 followed by a 50.7. I feel I had some room to grow still being that I never drove a Miata before.

    It currently has 200 tread wear 195/50/15 RS3's on it. Last year, he ran 140 tread wear R1R's. The rim is 15x7.5. I see that the new 200 tread wear R1R's are available in 195/50/15 now.

    So what do you think?

    195/50 200 tread wear R1R's? (I'm assuming these are the same old 140 tread wear compound, re stamped with a 200)
    195/50 200 tread wear RS3's again?
    205/50 Bridgestone RE-71R? (Not available in 195)

    This would not be a daily driver at all. Purely for auto cross use. As long as they will last a full season with one driver, wear is not a concern.

    The S3 is on RE-11's which I enjoy.

    I know R1R's use to be the go to tire it seems. Just not sure about how they stack up now.


    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

    01 Jul 2015 05:40 AM
    If you want to be competitive, your two tire choices are RE-71R or Rival S. Either should work well for an STS Miata. If it's set up right now for Toyo, would probably be an easier transition setup-wise to Rival S, but the RE-71R are going to feel a lot like your RE-11.

    No need to stick to the pixie dust 195 if you're leaving Toyo; go as wide as you can get while staying legal.
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