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Last Post 28 Jul 2015 11:00 AM by  rjkracer1
1999 1.8l Oil Pressure question?
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28 Jul 2015 11:00 AM
    Folks I attempted to use the search for the forums and it is not working.
    My question is what kind of oil pressure is seen by the folks running the 1999/2000 motor, hot at idle? at Speed? for what weight oil?
    I have just completed my rebuild, not for SM, but had clearances on the mains and rods of 0.003 inch, cold start idle has 40 psi, then drops to hot of 15to20 psi rpm is 700 to 800. Only drove the vehicle around the block and never saw rpm above 2000, but seem to be getting 25 psi at 2000 rpm. I am using straight 30 weight break in oil. And this oil pressure is being monitored by the Longacre gauge I just purchased for the rebuild and that sending unit is installed in the back of the head.
    Any response is appreciated.

    Rob Kliffel
    Autocrosser, CSP.
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