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Last Post 10 Aug 2015 05:45 PM by  dinan_engineering
FS: Dinan S62 DP Race Engines
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10 Aug 2015 05:45 PM

    The DINAN BMW S62DP race engine was campaigned highly successfully by Team Target Chip Ganassi, and has won many races and several championships in the IMSA Daytona Prototype Series. In the as-designed application, this engine produces in excess of 600 Hp. In the pool of S62DP engines, we have four engines currently available for sale. These engines were always leased and have been under the direct care of DINAN. It is truly a unique opportunity for anyone to be able to get their hands on one of these thoroughbred racing engines. All engines were freshly prepared for use at the IMSA Sebring 12hrs race event earlier this year. The table below shows the details for each of the engines.

    Engine #1, 13.4 Hours since last rebuild, $40,301
    Engine #2, 15.3 Hours since last rebuild, $41,179
    Engine #3, 15.0 Hours since last rebuild, $39,311
    Engine #4, 7.2 Hours since last rebuild, $44,134

    *A 20% package discount applies if more than one engine is purchased at the same time.


    • When professionally raced, these engines are rated at a service life of 30hrs. In a “club racing” environment, customers have achieved significantly greater usage.
    • All engines are of the same specification.
    • The price difference between the engines is the result of the amortization of rebuild costs based on the number of service hours completed since the last rebuild.
    • Prior to shipment, each engine will be subjected to dyno testing.
    • An engine calibration file for use with the Bosch MS4.3 ECU will be part of the deliverable. 
    • Engines are sold in as-is condition and without warranty.
    • Pricing includes designated shipping crate and is FOB Morgan Hill.
    • Shipping, handling and insurance are not included.
    • A 50% down payment applies. Payment in full is required prior to shipping.
    • Any modifications required to the engine to facilitate installation in a chassis will be charged on a time & materials basis. Shop labor rate $120/hr.
    • Engines are available from stock. Lead time can be determined from receipt of down payment.


    • Normally aspirated V8
    • Displacement: 5 ltr
    • Bore and stroke: 94mm x 89mm
    • Compression ratio: 12.5:1
    • Oiling system: Dry sump w. 6-stage pump
    • Port fuel injection
    • High lift cam shafts
    • VANOS deactivated
    • Fuel : R+M/2 100 Octane, unleaded
    • Includes DINAN-spec throttle bodies and actuation mechanism, ignition coils, spark plugs, Bosch motorsport alternator, various sensors
    • Not included: ECU, wiring harness, exhaust, starter, flywheel, intake trumpets, air box.
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