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Last Post 31 Aug 2015 06:28 PM by  MMS
Touring Cages and Ovals
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31 Aug 2015 06:28 PM
    I know that Regionals are regularly held at Daytona, Fontana, etc. And fortunately I know of no problems. However, as we get ready for the Daytona Runoffs the thought does occur to me that perhaps we should look at the Touring cage rules. Should we consider two extra points of attachments...and/or allowing bracing thru the firewall? If this was made optional, those competitors that have concerns could augment their cages. Others would not be required to make these changes. I have been told by T4 competitors that have raced at Daytona that they are seeing speeds in excess of 140 MPH. T3 cars will be that much faster. Maybe its just thinking about Justin Wilson, but if there is more we can do for driver safety...then I think we should consider it.
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