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Last Post 11 Oct 2015 09:29 AM by  midnightmoonlight
Corvette C4 coil over and half shaft angle?
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11 Oct 2015 09:29 AM
    I'm working on a 1986 c4 suspension transplant into my em car and have a couple questions.

    The rear half shaft angle I've found different info from setting them parallel to the ground at ride height to setting them angled down towards the ground 1/2" from ujoint to ujoint. So what's ideal for autox/road racing?

    Once I have this I can deal with the toe adjusters and get those level because there about 1degree pointing up and that's with my half shafts pointing down 1/2" towards the ground at the tire. That's another topic but should the toe adjusters front and rear be parallel or slightly up?

    2nd is coil over setup. There isn't a lot of room to get the coilover close to the wheel and still be perpendicular with about12 degree angle toward the diff. What's better being perpendicular or as close as possible to the center of the wheel? I know it won't be ideal but I'm leaning towards the top being 12degrees in and about 2degrees to the front.

    Hoping to find some info
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