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Last Post 03 Nov 2015 05:20 PM by  Grintch
Looking for Chump Drivers
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02 Nov 2015 12:39 PM

    Just a fun diversion:

    We are looking for drivers based in NJ/NY/Phil area for our 2 car team. We have a new build 1986 Fox Body Mustang with a 3v engine, and a 2004 Crown Vic mostly stock(automatic). Crown Vic took 3rd in class at 24hr VIR race in Aug. Looking to build up our list of available drivers who want to race with us.


    In addition to Chump we also do AER where we use S-197 Boss 302R Spec Coyote Mustang. 


    Our team is sponsored by CoolShirts, CorteX Racing, Twisted Mudding, Fully Torqued Racing, Blow Fish Racing, and some others coming on board this season. We bring 3-5 drivers per car depending on event, and what people are willing to pay to get more seat time. Charge range - $1500-$2500 per race depending on duration, distance from home, number of drivers, and sanctioning body fee. Your payment includes everything that has to do with the race, cars, garage rentals, drinks(including beer), BBQ food at the race, fuel, transport of cars and equipment... You are responsible for your own transportation to the event, lodging, your safety gear, and race license/credentials. You are also encouraged to help with pit stops, set up/brake down, but it's up to you. Arrive and drive is fine too. We do meticulous prep work, and the cars show up ready to race with all new wearable's every race. 2 Garages, and Golf Cart are always rented(if available). We do not skimp on anything, and run a fun professional team. If you think you want to be a part of it or have questions, shoot me a text, or feel free to call.





    New Member

    New Member

    03 Nov 2015 05:20 PM
    Chump drivers? Easy to find, just look for people using their cell phone while driving. Bonus points if they are driving a Camry or Prius.

    Now Chump racers is a differnt story....
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