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Last Post 01 May 2016 10:38 PM by  drdisque
ST brake cooling clarification
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New Member

New Member

30 Apr 2016 06:08 AM
    After my 1st track day with the new set-up and STP prep learned I need some brake cooling in my '14 Mustang gt. Now what is legal in Street touring? I'm looking to make something like this ( pic attached). Using the lower grill as the place to mount the ducts. Now is this legal since you are cutting some of the dead space in the front lower grille. They space is not currently used just plastic but the center of the grille is used for the lower radiator. In autocross I have no issues with brake heat but at track days I need some help.

    The rules in ST state, Air ducts may be fitting to the brakes provided that they extend in the forward directions only and that no changes are made in the body /structure for their use. They may serve no other purpose.

    Not sure if there is another way to make them functional without cutting something in the front to install. They best possible location and really only one is the lower grille. Ford does make a kit to use where the lower fog lights ( if you have that option I do not) and modify that area to make a duct but that is a lower pressure area and requires multiple bends to get the hoses to the rotor. Thanks for the ideas and clarification


    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    01 May 2016 10:38 PM
    I think that as long as the holes are solely for brake cooling ducts then in my opinion this is legal and anyone who would protest you would be a total acehole.
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