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Last Post 22 Feb 2017 10:44 AM by  MPosey
National Champion Kubo Car for sale
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22 Feb 2017 10:44 AM

    FS: Ex Champ CSP Car (Kubo's car) 

    It is with a very heavy heart that I post this...  But I think the timing is just going to work out where selling the car is going to be the better decision right now.  

    1991 Ex National Champion CSP car.  This was Tom Kubo's car up until last year.  I bought it last fall and have been slowing getting it updated, improved, and cleaned up this season.  The car is FAST.  Probably the best car I've ever driven at autocross.  I really don't want to sell it but my family is looking at some new housing options as well as a few other changes that may see my storage/garage space get greatly reduced.  So I'm mulling over perhaps letting someone else take this thing to the next level.  Its all there, just needs someone who can store it and drive it to its ability.  I have had multiple great showings with the car and I don't want to let it go but it may serve someone else in the near future while I try to get all of my house sale, finding a new house, buying a house, moving, etc. all figured out.  I have also completely detailed it, steam cleaned every surface, as well as steam cleaned the engine. 

    I have spent a considerable amount of time and money getting the car improved and dialed in even more I don't want to just let it sit while housing changes may take longer than I am forecasting, etc. I focused on all the Preventative maintenance as well as reliability upgrades. 

    I have a custom built open deck tilt trailer that can go with the car as well if the buyer so wants.  It was custom built for a CSP miata, I completely tore it down last year, rewired it with multiple weather proof junction boxes, all new wiring, all new LED lights, refinished the wood deck, repainted the frame etc. It is a GREAT trailer.  

    The car is ready to go, just slap some new A7's on it and dump some E85 and then go win.  

    The only bad thing about the car, I tinted it myself, the tint is super not good.  I only put it on to try to cut down on the heat as it sits with the windows up and top on in the sun.  It will probably peel off with minimal effort, but it is really the only thing on the car that isn't tip top. Aside from trying to race it on the old clutch for the first time (it didn't move under its own power which is why it has a new clutch) the car has never broken at an event.  It will have a hiccup here or there, but tighten a bolt or top off the e85 and its back to fighting form, never had to park it for the day at an event due to failure.  

    The car is right under 2,000 lbs. I vacuumed at least 10lbs of gravel, bolts, fasteners, nuts, leaves, time slips, etc when I tore the old interior out. 

    All fluids have been changed with redline stuff

    All new plugs, filters, new oem diff mount, spacers, bolts (had a mount crack so I just replaced everything)

    The seats are all carbon fiber.

    I'll just point out that my ES Miata won Nats this year on my setup, so while I'm not the fastest driver I can do some very decent setup. This car is there, put in E85 and win.

    1991 special edition British Racing Green

    Power Steering & ABS car
    Delrin Bushings Everywhere
    Just replaced both front hubs with Mazdaspeed Spec Miata blueprinted hubs with new ARP lugs. 

    2001 VVT engine, built to the rules limit by Rebello (pulls HARD) tune for E85
    Running a Sias Tuned Tec3
    Maxim Works Header powder coated
    Custom built Heat shield with multiple layers of 2500 degree Heatshield Products Lava shield and Thermaflect Cloth
    2 Burns Stainless mufflers with thin walled SS bent tubing (LIGHT, I almost tossed this thing into my ceiling the first time I took it off)
    Brand new OEM Radiator
    Custom turbo hoses intake with carbon fiber piping
    I have a custom 3D printed intake with K&N filter and carbon fiber tubing that will come with the car
    Brand new OEM sized battery, old one was toast when I got the car
    Completely rebuilt Powermaster alternator with new KRC Pulley
    Gates Racing Belts
    Unorthodox Heat sink oil cap
    New spark plugs
    Unorthodox Underdrive Crank Pulley

    Suspension & Wheels/Tires
    Triple adjustable Penske shocks built by Guy Ankeny
    LSR 3 piece front bar
    No rear bar
    Swift Springs
    Set of 15x11 949 Racing Wheels with 80 run 275 A7's
    1 Set of 15x8 949 Racing wheels with Hoosier H20's (never used by me, may have an event or two on them before I got them)
    Flying Miata Little big kit 4 piston calipers front
    Stainless brake lines all around

    Brand new Joes Steering wheel with long spacer
    Memoryfab Carbon Fiber Seats both Driver and Passenger sides with new Alcantara covers (last 2 covers on earth apparently)
    New carbon fiber panel with new switches for fuel pump and fan
    Lap belts
    Swapped out the old ratty tan interior and carpet for newer black parts and carpet (every piece of it, except the dash, but I have a black dash ready to go) 
    new real leather brake and shift covers from good win racing
    OEM tonneau cover
    Black Hardtop (not the best hardtop ever, but it keeps the car dry) 

    New Competition Clutch Super Single Clutch.  Really light, it is $900 clutch, really, really nice, really really grabby. 
    all new 949 hydraulic rebuilt kit (slave, hoses, etc) 

    Brand new custom built splitter and rear spoiler
    All cut fenders, clears the 275's on 15x11 wheels just fine. 

    4 new rotors
    New pads in boxes
    OEM 5 speed transmission
    odds and ends, nuts bolts
    books, anything else I have

    Asking $22K for everything. I am open to selling the car and trailer separately if you don't need a trailer (had a few questions about that) 

    Car is Woodbury, MN a suburb of the Twin Cities, MN.

    Pm me any questions/offers. 

    Not the new steering wheel.

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