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Last Post 11 Mar 2017 03:15 PM by  midnightmoonlight
E mod Jeep custom full race
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11 Mar 2017 03:15 PM
    1986 custom Jeep cj e mod

    The jeep started as a cj7. The tub was shot and I found a cj5 that was spotless. I cut the floor and firewall and raised the floor up 5" moved the seats back and boxed in the back section where the rear seat was and installed the fuel cell in the back along with a battery. I built a frame with the help of a race car frame builder friend of mine so it would except the corvette suspension. The corvette suspension is from a 1986 c4. The front and rear suspenssion was used from a c4 along with the posi rear differential. Its 4 wheel disk brakes. I added high afco coil overs the the suspension so its fully adjustable with double adjustable shocks. The wheels are from a c5 corvette 295 50 18 in the rear and 275 50 17 in the front. Front tires are about new rears have a few years left depending on how they are treated 50% worn. Master cylinder is a dual piston racing style thats adjustable. There is a proportioning valve as well you can use to adjust bias from the drivers seat. There is a line lock so you can disable the rear brakes for drag racing. The transmission was just rebuilt with heavy duty clutches, shift kit, and set up for manual only so it will not shift by its self. The transmission is a powerglide with two speeds fast and faster. 1st is good to 80mph limit Ive only got it to 130.
    The engine is out of a imca dirt race car. I got this from my friend who helped me with the frame. Its the real deal it runs on alcohol but can be easily switched to e85. That was my plan for this year but my hobby has changed to robotics. The carb thats on the engine can be sent out for 500 and set up to run very well with little tunning. 4 core alluminum radiator with electric fan. The engine is a short block chevy 350 4 bolt main, bored 40 over, world heads, roller rockers, a very agressive cam, large valves, domed pistons, racing 8 quart oil pan, victor jr intake, holey 750 alcohol carb. Eldebrock valve covers, and air filter. Electronic ignition. stainless steal headers to new side pipe exhaust with hand made turn downs. Fuel system is a poly 15 gallon fuel cell with all AN fittings and stainless wrapped lines. It has a high flow mechanical fuel pump, going to an adjustable regulator with a gauge. It has all autometer gauges with a gps speedometer that works great. LED taillights. All the wiring was done with a new wiring harness. It has a disconnect switch and minimal electronics. There is a very cheap bluetooth motorcyle stereo installed. the windshield is 6" shorter then original and had custom glass cut for it. I have a hard top that needs to be finished but is mocked up and ready for fiberglass. Its strong enough the way it is to use it but its not done. I have a storage canvas cover for it that fits okay to keep the weather out. It does not have working wipers but it has wipers on it. There is no heater. It has two kirkey alluminum race seats with 5 point harnesses. The roll cage is custom made. The cage isnt attached to the frame so the body can be taken off the frame. The motor is set as far back and as low as possible. It has a removable steering wheel to make it easier to get in. The jeep is setup for me in racing seated position Im 5'8". The car is just under 1900lbs and almost 50 50 weight distribution from front to back. The engine dyno specs where 500hp and 525 torque at 6200rpm's There is a reinforced cage around the engine and transmission with 1/4" alluminum dimond plate as a skid plate to protect everything from speed bumps. This jeep is low but usable around town. I think thats about it.

    I built this jeep as a multi purpose toy. It handles increadible and its set up for E MOD in autocross, Can be driven around town to car shows and drag raced. The engine can not be run on pump gas e85 is its future

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