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Last Post 19 Apr 2017 09:20 PM by  shenry
1994 DP mazda Miata solo car for sale with GCR cage
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New Member

19 Apr 2017 09:20 PM

    I’m selling my DP solo NA Miata. It also has an EP/GTL logbook. I guess it could go to FP with some work.

    Pictures and more info at:

    $8,900  Could trophy at National Championship event.

    EP and GTL road race log book (a few of the safety items were removed for solo)
     Trophied at national Solo championship in DP solo few years ago
     Routinely set raw FTD and Pax FTD in the Ozark Mtn. Region

    Down to bare tub build
     Color match inside, outside, and bottom
     Custom Springfield Dyno designed Wisco Pistons and SD spec cams that use factory hydraulic lifters for zero maintenance (.425 lift, medium dur).
    ’99 head and intake with variable intake programmed into electromotive.
     Acl Race bearings
     Sgf Dyno radiator
     Penskes (replaced with 05 mazdaspeed shocks/springs)
     Torsen (ratio can be discussed, several to pick from)
     Coil overs with sd rates (replaced with 05 mazdaspeed shocks/springs)
     Electromotive Tech S purchased new with both wiring harnesses professionally installed.
     All mazdacomp fiberglass body work incl hood and trunk both bumpers and fenders.
     Fiberglass rear panel, splitter, lexan spoiler, hood and trunk pins
     15-9 wheels with used avons or 15-7 with used hoosiers + another set of used tires.
     Auto meter
     Racing harness
     Great Scca legal sgfdyno cage, Roomy with door bars etc.
     Spherical sway bar end links
     Carbotech ax compound brake pads

    Please email me with any questions to shenry at springfielddyno dott com
     or text to 4I7 88O O9I6

    Thanks!   Sam Henry

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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